Doja Cat plays it provocatively, with her breasts in the air and a tattoo on her forehead


grammy awards 2024Doja Cat plays it provocatively, with her breasts in the air and a tattoo on her forehead

Wondering who designed the plunging neckline dress worn by Doja Cat at the 2024 Grammy Awards? Look no further, the answer is on his forehead.

Laura Zygmunt

It wasn’t just Celine Dion’s surprise appearance or Taylor Swift’s extraordinary fourth win for album of the year that got people talking at the Grammy Awards, but also Doja Cat’s ultra-daring outfit. To avoid the famous question of who is the original, the 28-year-old artist (or rather her glam team) did not hesitate to tattoo the name of the designer, Dilara Findikoglu, on her forehead in Gothic font.

Dilara Findikoglu is an emerging Turkish-British fashion designer who loves to incorporate Gothic elements and play with themes of feminism in her designs.

Doja Cat’s strapless dress ensures a deep neckline

The temporary tattoo on the singer’s forehead wasn’t the only tattoo she showed off during the party in Los Angeles. The custom-made strapless dress revealed several other (temporary) tattoos. But most of all, the neckline of the corset dress caught everyone’s attention. And for good reason: It was so dark that it partially exposed her nipples.

To complete the see-through dress look, the singer wore librarian-style Prada glasses and red peep-toe pumps, which she previously posted on Instagram.

At the 66th ceremony, he was nominated for three Grammy Awards, including Best Rap Song and Best Melodic Rap Performance for “Attention” and Best Pop Solo Performance for “Paint the Town Red”.

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