How to pronounce Spanish in Equatorial Guinea, the only Spanish-speaking African country

Residents of Equatorial Guinea Photo Video Capture

Mexican YouTuber Luisito Comunica traveled to Equatorial Guinea and introduced his large audience to the peculiarities of one of the African countries that arouses the most curiosity among Latin Americans: Equatorial Guinea.

By: Clarins

Equatorial Guinea attracts attention because it is the only country in Africa whose official language is Spanish (except Western Sahara). This is because it was a Spanish colony until October 12, 1968, the day its sovereignty was declared.

In a video that has already been watched by almost four million users, Luisito talks to natives of the place and shows what the Spanish accent of the people who live in that area sounds like.

It is the only African country that speaks Spanish.  Equatorial Guinea ??

brotherly relationship

In the comments to the video, an extremely cordial exchange between Equatorial Guineans and Latin Americans emerged.

For example, one person wrote, “It means a lot to me and my country, Equatorial Guinea, that the media impact of your channel could be the perfect way to introduce our country to our Latin brothers.”

Another said: “Thank you very much for the comments, Spanish-speaking brothers, greetings here from Equatorial Guinea.”

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