Dollar price in Colombia today, January 13: exchange rates and prices in Colombian pesos

The representative market rate ruling the country this Saturday is $3,901.38 for every US dollar, the lowest figure recorded in the last nine days. In the national stock market, that leaves the Colombian peso with an annual devaluation of -16.85%, considering that last year the North American currency reached $4,692.04, which represents a decline of $790.66 during the last twelve months.

In the last day of trading, the dollar closed below the day’s exchange rate at $3,901.57, which is also the market’s lowest figure in the last week, in which it fell from $3,912.93 to $3,901.38, with a loss of $11.55. Therefore, exchange houses buy dollars at an estimated $3,780 and sell them at approximately $3,900. However, the final price will depend on the establishment and the region of the country in which the transaction takes place.

  • Saturday 13 January 2024: 3,901.38 COP
  • Friday, January 12, 2024: 3,929.79 COP
  • Thursday, January 11, 2024: 3,946.39 COP
  • Wednesday, January 10, 2024: 3,934.13 COP
  • Tuesday, January 9, 2024: 3,912.93 COP
  • Monday, January 8, 2024: 3,912.93 COP
  • Sunday, January 7, 2024: 3,912.93 COP
  • Saturday, January 6, 2024: 3,912.93 COP

How does the dollar close in the second week of January?

After closing last year with losses, the North American currency ended this week on weakness that brings it closer to $3,900. In the midst of the panorama that is currently being experienced in the Middle East. However, according to analysts, currency fluctuations will be linked to the decisions that the United States Federal Reserve will make in the coming days.

In fact, according to the Bank of the Republic, the dollar will not register any major changes in its behavior this year. “External weakness is expected to ease with the stabilization of global financial conditions and the start of intervention rate cuts by central banks of the world’s main economies in the second half of 2024.” A panorama of stability will be seen with little bias towards devaluation of the local currency exchange rate against the dollar,

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