Dominican Republic has suspended air operations from Haiti due to increasing violence in the neighboring country.

(CNN Spanish) — The Dominican Republic suspended passenger and cargo air operations to and from Haiti this Tuesday, with immediate effect, according to a statement citing Resolution No. 46-2024 issued by the Civil Aviation Board (JAC) of the Dominican Republic.

In it, the JAC’s president, José Ernesto Marte Piantini, explains that “in exceptional circumstances, during a period of emergency or in the interest of public safety, it may temporarily restrict or restrict flights over its entire territory or part of it with immediate effect.” can be done. “

Also Monday, Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader said heightened security was in place along the border with Haiti following the escape of more than 3,500 prisoners into the neighboring country over the weekend.

Although the head of state did not reveal what the increased border security meant, he warned that any escaped Haitian prisoner entering the country would be met with a “harsh response.”

Troops deployed along the border are “ready to deter or prevent any incident” that threatens the peace of the region, Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Carlos Luciano Diaz Morfa said Tuesday.

“Business activity between the two countries is developing normally, but we have arranged for an increase in personnel and equipment according to the needs of each location, with the aim of making the population feel safe,” Díaz Morfa said. He said that the soldiers will be monitored for three days.

This Tuesday, in the border area of ​​Dajabon, which remains reinforced, Haitian access to Dominican territory and the passage of cargo vehicles were limited. This measure caused outrage among Haitians in the neighboring country.

While some Haitians believed the measure was necessary because no one knew the whereabouts of the more than 3,500 prisoners who escaped over the weekend.

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