Due to attacks in the Red Sea, America once again included Yemen’s Houthis in the list of terrorist groups.

US designates Yemen’s Houthis as terrorists and will impose sanctions on the group (Europa Press)

usa announced this Wednesday that it will reconsider Yemen’s Houthi rebels As terrorists and, therefore, will implement the new restrictions About this pro-Iranian group. The measure will come into force in 30 days, on February 16, and will come amid attacks by militias against commercial shipping companies in transit. the Red SeaIn response to Israel’s invasion of Gaza.

“These attacks are the textbook definition of terrorism,” explained one of the US officials, who added that, with this decision, the White House wants stop these hostilities which jeopardizes international trade and, even, When this happens it will be “considered” for suspension,

If not, during the next month, Washington officials will focus on “designing” the implementation of the sanctions that would enforce the designation, focusing primarily on “Funding cuts” of the Houthis through the international financial system.

Biden orders funding cuts to rebels, with as little impact as possible on civilian population (Europa Press)

However, the White House insisted that President Joe Biden order that the group be classified “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” instead of (SDGT) “Foreign Terrorist Organization” (FTO in local language) Since the first implies mild consequences, for example, people who provide “material support” to the rebels will not be harmed nor will travel restrictions be imposed.

With this, the United States wants to ensure that the civilian population is affected as little as possible and that the circuits that finance the country’s imports of food – 90 percent –, medicines and humanitarian aid cannot be accessed. According to the UN, Yemen is experiencing The biggest humanitarian crisis on the entire planet For years.

last, Rebel militias were already included in these lists. During Donald Trump’s presidency, the President included the Houthis in both categories – SDGT and FTO – but, after taking office, Biden canceled this measure so as not to worsen the humanitarian situation there.

However, recent events and the lack of positive response to warnings from the international community prompted the United States to move in this direction again.

The United States announcement responds to the enemy’s continued aggression on shipping companies crossing the Red Sea (Reuters)

For his part, yemeni government Internationally recognized and opposed to the rebels, celebrated the announcement and said it was essential for the group to stop “practicing terrorism in all forms” to achieve peace in the country.

“This decision is in line with the Yemeni government’s decision to classify the group as a terrorist organization under Yemeni law, and comes in response to the government’s continued calls on the international community. Take serious steps to protect the Yemeni people from the oppression and terrorism of these terrorist militias“, the local foreign ministry indicated in a statement.

“Houthi militia They should give up their terrorist approach and dependence on the Iranian regime, give up violence and accept peace initiatives“That includes the road map proposed by Saudi Arabia’s brothers and all efforts to maintain the security and stability of Yemen and the region,” he said.

Simultaneously with the designation, the United States and the United Kingdom – supported by a range of partner countries – launched a campaign detonate the bombs Against the group’s military objectives, as White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan commented at the Davos Forum, the enemy’s aggression will not stop unless there is a strong global response.

Sullivan highlighted the conflict in Davos and called for a global response (Europa Press)

The UN mission in Yemen warned last Saturday that the West’s actions and the rebel response jeopardize efforts to achieve peace in the Arab country, after the conflicting parties agreed to ceasefire measures in December. .

(with information from EFE)

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