Ecuador “We have the power to use lethal weapons and this is a change”: Security forces detained more than 300 people after days of violence in the country

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This Tuesday a group of people with weapons entered a television channel, after which President Daniel Ngoba had to ask the armed forces to restore order.

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Ecuadorian security forces highlighted on Wednesday that within the framework of the declaration of internal conflict they are now authorized to use lethal weapons against groups designated by the government as terrorists in order to restore order in the country.

The Joint Command of the Armed Forces and the National Police operates under the framework of an order of the President Daniel Noboawho were declared terrorists 22 criminal organizations The events followed Tuesday, when Ecuador experienced an unprecedented day of violence in which gangs linked to drug trafficking broke into a live program on a television channel and carried out violent attacks in various provinces of the country.

Jaume Vela, head of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, said in a press release, “Since this is considered a non-international armed conflict, the armed forces have the power to use lethal weapons and this is a change in the rules of engagement.” Conference this Wednesday…

“Lethal weapons, by the way, can and are being used against groups that are considered terrorists. “It is not against common crime, it is against groups that are being identified as terrorists by order of the President of the Republic,” he said.

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