Eddington: Ari Aster’s next film has a five-star cast

The Master of Discomfort counts on the major Hollywood celebrities of recent years: around Joaquin Phoenix will be attracted Austin Butler, Emma Stone and Pedro Pascal, no less!

ari aster Call for casting for your next horror western, edington, a highly sought-after Hollywood headliner. from them, Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone, Austin Butler, pedro pascal, Luke Grimes, Deirdre O’Connell, Michael Ward And Clifton Collins Jr., meeting between beau (is afraid) and Bella Baxter promises to be epic!

Created and financed by a 24Promises to respect the reputation of the projectari asterKnown for his obscure and nightmarish projects… the pitch? A road trip taken by Lindsay and Mark, who cross New Mexico to reach Los Angeles. Unfortunately, this journey is full of dangers, as lack of fuel will cause chaos in this journey. Both take shelter outside the small townedingtonWhere the friendly locals offer them hospitality until night falls… the atmosphere changes and suddenly transforms into a macabre fresco…

This road misadventure can be compared to isolated, vegetative (and sacrificial) parentheses midsummer as well as dream scenario For its monstrous denouement. For his new feature film, the filmmaker invokes the totem themes of his filmography as a director, but also as a producer…

arp selection

edington The film is the sixth collaboration between Square Peg and A24, which produced and distributed the previous three films.ari aster, heredity, midsummer And Beau is scared.

ari aster has set its sights on popular actors and actresses who will clearly impress the audience to discover their new projects in theatres. Over the past two years, celebrities have left their mark on cinema with their colorful performances:

Joaquin Phoenix Was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in Beau is scared (Available at firstmax), Aster’s terrifying black comedy set in 2023.

Emma StoneMeanwhile, she won her second Best Actress Oscar for playing undead experimenter Dr. Baxter poor creatures Of Yorgos LanthimosAs well as his participation in the series curse with nathan fielder And benny safiWith whom she makes a good team.

Austin Butler looking into Dune: Part 2 , The interstellar epic offers him the opportunity to play the terrifying Feyd-Rautha, a compilation villain. Whereas pedro pascalAfter his success in the series the last of usPromises to respect especially promising scenarios throw the doll away Ofethan coen as well as the upcoming adaptation of Marvel’s superheroic quartet, Fantastic Four,

According to Ari Aster, the public did not understand that Beau was scared: “It’s disappointing…”

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