El Telegrapho – Armed group leader Oliver Sinisterra was deported from Ecuador to Colombia

General Commander of Police, Cesar ZapataReportedly, that nickname caught on this Monday, January 22, 2024 ‘The Gringo’Considered a high-value target.

In his X account, Zapata reported that “three months of investigation and intelligence activities” led to the capture of Imbabura on the night of Sunday, January 21.

Carlos L. aka ‘El Gringo’, is the leader of the armed group oliver sinisterra of Colombia and is linked to terrorist activities PagesZapata explained.

exile in colombia

Alias ​​’El Gringo’ deported to Colombia This night of January 22, 2024. This was reported by the National Police.

Members of that organization handed it over to their counterparts in Colombia In this Rumichaka Bridge, at Karchi.

He was handed over to the Colombian police So that be placed under the orders of the judicial authorities of the neighboring country “Where it is necessary for widespread criminal activity.”

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