Elderly woman missing for several days found dead, death due to natural causes

Elderly woman found dead after being missing for several days Villa Clara, died of natural causes According to Cuban official sources.

news of dead body being found published by CyberCuba this FridayA reply was made by an official Facebook profile which accused the medium of lying and manipulation, resulting in misrepresentation of what was published and unnecessary attack. independent press,

Screenshot Facebook / Alejandro Noticias Cuba

Under the title “The whole truth about an elderly woman who died in Villa Clara, in the vicinity of the town of Esperanza”, the profile was identified as ‘Alejandro Noticias Cuba’, allegedly published by “cibermentiras”. Came forward to reverse this lie. “, the name of the person who referred to this medium.

“In view of the publication of cyberleases, we asked for information and found out that: it is true that the lifeless body of a 78-year-old woman was found near the Central Highway, who was missing for several days, but there were no traces of violence and her All his belongings and even money were nearby. We learned that the forensic medicine department determined natural death, and all the family members agreed,” the official source said.

The alleged journalist behind the official profileAccording to reports, who works at the ‘Marta Abreu’ Central University of Las Villas, he attacked the medium for free Driven by their ideological biases, or poor reading-comprehension skills,

at any moment CyberCuba It was published that there were “marks of violence” on the woman’s body. Nor did he make any reference to “goods” or “money” in the possession of the deceased.

This medium is cited as a source do From a Cuban feminist magazine stressed wingsWhich publicized the case of an elderly woman who was “found dead and in a state of decomposition in a sugar mill in Esperanza, Villa Clara.”

CyberCuba He did not speculate on the cause of death (“The circumstances of his death remain unknown to date,” this media outlet noted). Nor did he indicate that it was a “femicide” and did not even mention that possibility.

However, ‘Alejandro Noticias Cuba’ thought it appropriate to end its publication with a warning against this medium. “Stop manipulating, it wasn’t femicide.”

“According to residents of the Anton Diaz neighborhood (where she was living), the deceased was in a state of panic. They report that the brother himself said that he left for the terminal leading to his residence in Encrucijada and apparently became confused,” the official profile said.

Additionally, he assured that “neighbors and authorities” had been searching for the elderly woman since she was reported missing. Although the official publication did not indicate the date when the old woman was last seen alive (February 9), this fact was provided by a tweet from Alas Tensus magazine.

“Witnesses reported seeing her walking alone on the central highway towards the city of Esperanza, where she was found a few days later,” Alejandro Noticias Cuba said, before repeating his baseless allegations against this media outlet.

In order to defame CyberCubaThis official profile was clearly an agent resistance to the Cuban regimeOr – in the best cases – as victims of their terrible reading comprehension.

Regarding the deaths of people in Cuba, regardless of their circumstances, this medium strives to provide information in the most verified, truthful and respectful way, despite the difficulties imposed by censorship and self-censorship in Cuba. Is. ,

This course of action, which responds to the most basic journalistic standards – which Cuban official journalists apparently ignore – dedicated to propaganda and manipulationWhile deliberately concealing relevant information from public opinion – prevails when the news program being addressed is a case of alleged femicide.

CyberCuba ‘Alejandro Noticias Cuba’ recommends the person behind the profile – usually informants at its service Ministry of Interior (MININT)– Read carefully whatever is published in this medium and practice understanding it before committing defamation without any penalty.

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