Elections in Venezuela: María Corina Machado reported problems registering her presidential candidacy

María Corina Machado reported problems registering her presidential candidacy (EFE)

Venezuelan opposition leader, Maria Corina MachadoHe gave this information on Thursday afternoon Drawbacks to Enrollment his presidential candidacy For the elections to be held on 28th July.

The Chavista opponent wrote in a message on social networks that not even the organization a new time Not too much unity table, The “only two cards” that support it and were able to register candidates by the National Electoral Council have “access to the system” provided by the Nicolás Maduro regime, which prevents progress with formal presentation.

The message was published at 5:00 pm local time, that is, “about 12 hours after the start of the process” and after it became known that, earlier, the former deputy luis eduardo martinez and former mayor Daniel CeballosBoth critics of the majority opposition were able to run successfully. As of now, disability groups have not said anything.

The opposition condemned this new maneuver with which Maduro wants to exclude him from the July contest (Reuters)

The obstacles to Machado’s application were not unexpected. Although Venezuela’s ruling party agreed to review the inviolability of politics and guarantee a democratic framework in these elections, the truth is that it has done little to achieve this. In January, she also confirmed the ban on the winner of the previous October’s internal protests, in response to which she assured that she would still register her name for ballots.

In any case, not all of Maduro’s actions aimed at preventing his competition in July are focused on Machado himself. A day earlier it had become known that Bolivarian security forces had arrested two more members of the Vente Venezuela expeditionary force: henry alvirez And dignora hernandez, Along with these, eight associates have been arrested in recent months.

According to Attorney General Tarek William Saab, the arrests were “in connection with everything he confessed to.” Emile Brandt Ulloa”, María Corina’s campaign manager in Barinas, was arrested on 8 March. The officer accompanied his speech with a alleged self-incrimination video in the latter A plan aimed at “destabilizing the country” And he delivered his final sentence: “Don’t come now and say that those two were pacifists marching with a flower in Plaza Bolivar. Quite the contrary (…) Are they now going to say that they are being forcibly disappeared?

Henry Alvarez and Dignora Hernandez were detained by the Maduro dictatorship

However, the video caused great distrust throughout the opposition, which pointed to this maneuver as another attempt by Maduro to get rid of his main rival. Similarly, the Democratic Unitary Platform revealed in the last few hours what is happening in Venezuela “A flagrant violation of the spirit of good faith which should prevail for electoral campaigns in accordance with the Barbados Agreement”,

“We demand the immediate release of the detained leaders as well as an end to political persecution,” the PUD said in a statement. While Vente Venezuela sought proof of Hernández’s life.

“We demand proof of the life of Tarek William Saab from our political secretary Dignora Hernandez. where is? Dignora suffers from high blood pressure, has severe allergic reactions and uses special medications,” he wrote.

(with information from EFE)

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