Eli De La Cruz signs a millionaire contract

That innate talent and his kind personality means that in his native country, as in many other countries, he is widely followed by many fans of the game of balls and strikes. Although it is still under economic control cincinnati redsThe man from Quito took advantage of his moment and signed a lucrative contract just hours ago inauguration day 2024,

Eli de la Cruz signs a contract with a global brand

It happens that the Dominican eli dela cruz and venezuela William Contreras They will be brand new images jordan brand, Add both figures like aaron judge, jazz chisholm jr, manny machado, mookie bets And Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Although financial details have not been disclosed, based on previous agreements with MLB stars, it is believed to be a million-dollar contract.

eli dela cruz he played 98 matches cincinnati reds In 2023. He recorded an offensive line of .235/.300/.710 with 13 home runs, 44 RBI, and 67 runs batted in.

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