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At this time, businessman Elon Musk, the founder of the space agency, has announced to the public a new advancement in technology on his behalf to the world. A new artificial intelligence capable of competing with its most famous competitors, but for free.

We are in a time where technology plays a role in many aspects of our lives with the aim of making our days more bearable.

Advancements in technology have brought us many things, from the Internet with which we all connect to each other, to smart devices with which we are able to perform hundreds of tasks, to really sophisticated software that tries to simulate human intelligence. Is.

This last technology mentioned is more or less artificial intelligence, also known as AI. These AIs work in different ways depending on their purpose and the company that creates them.

However, according to information from International Business Machines, AI generally aims to complete complex tasks that previously could only be performed by a human and learn in the process while building itself.

AI technologies have come a long way to become what they truly aim for, with software capable of being 100% self-sufficient and capable of learning without the help of programmers.

Currently, there is a fairly wide variety of AI on the Internet that most of us have access to, some for free and others with payment to access all functions.

Among them we can find the most famous, ChatGPT from OpenAI, Gemini from Google, Bing Creator from Microsoft, MidJourney from GitHub, and many others.

Despite the tremendous competition he has, Elon Musk has announced the launch of his own AI, which promises to be at the level of ChatGPT, but completely free.

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Musk had already announced this great event, he even said that he hopes that this artificial intelligence will reach the goal of ‘general artificial intelligence’ by 2029, that is, an AI that can think like a human. , be able to reason and feel.

It started with the launch of a new company called xAI by Elon Musk, a company whose sole purpose would be to develop these types of technologies to their maximum potential.

The artificial intelligence in question will be called ‘Grok’, an AI with impressive capabilities, including, in Musk’s words, “it’s a massive model with 314 billion parameters.”

It is expected to develop to such an extent that this AI will be able to answer questions in physics, astronomy, mathematics and many other areas of science that raise questions that humans have not been able to answer.

The perfect artificial intelligence model for developers and researchers who need this kind of technology for their projects, and the best part is that it’s completely free.

If Musk wants to make this an AI competition for the biggest artificial intelligence companies today, he still has a lot of details to polish, but he has a very specific and ambitious vision, the results of which we will have to wait to see. .

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