Elon Musk promises to restore vision to blind people with new technology from BlindSight, Neuralink

Musk announced that the visual resolution offered by BlindSight, although initially basic, could surpass human vision.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has once again attracted the attention of people in the technology sector by presenting ambitious projects through his company. Neuralink, This time, Tycoon’s focus is on combat blindness through a product called blind visionThey claim it has been successful in restoring vision Monkey through a brain chip,

NeuralinkFounded by Musk, it has been a pioneer in the development of brain-computer interfaces, which allow direct interaction between neural activity and external devices. First blind visionyour product telepathy This made it possible for users to control computers with their minds. In January this year, thanks to this device a quadriplegic patient was reportedly able to move the cursor of a computer mouse with only his thoughts.

blind visionHowever, this represents a significant leap forward in technology, with the owner of x Ensuring that this brain implant can not only restore vision in blind individuals, but also eventually surpass normal human vision.

Initially, the visual resolution would be compared to video game graphics of that era. nintendo Early, but it is expected to improve significantly over time. Musk highlighted that, during the tests, no monkeys were injured or died because of the device. NeuralinkThus emphasis was placed on safety of the implant.

futurism Note that this development occurs after fda ,Food and Drug Administration United States) had approved the company’s first clinical trial in May last year. The procedure involves inserting flexible microwires into a part of the brain that controls movement intention. These threads, due to their fragility, require a robot to implant them and allow the implant to record brain signals and transmit them to an application, which decodes how a person moves. Takes a decision. The implant is powered by a battery that can be charged wirelessly.

Although the field of brain-computer interface research is not new, it has promise. musk The “cure for blindness” has attracted global attention.

In response to ethical concerns, Musk highlighted that no monkeys have been seriously injured or died in the Neuralink trials (Reuters/Dado Ruvik)
In response to ethical concerns, Musk highlighted that no monkeys have been seriously injured or died in the Neuralink trials (Reuters/Dado Ruvik)

However, Independent highlighted that some questions remain unanswered, such as specific details of the operation blind vision And whether these advances will be successfully applied in humans. It should be noted that previous research has worked to improve the resolution of similar devices, allowing, for example, to recognize faces in patients.

It is important to address the claims of musk With cautious skepticism, considering his history of bold and ambitious statements. ability to though blind vision is vast, the path to practical and accessible application in humans still faces many technical and ethical challenges.

The possibility of restoring or even surpassing normal human vision could be a game changer not only for those blindnessBut also for medical science in general.

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