Elon Musk talks about his prescription ketamine use, says investors will be interested in ‘keep taking it’

(CNN) — Elon Musk said he is “almost always” cool during late night (or, in some cases, very early morning) posting sessions on his social media platform, X.

The billionaire Tesla CEO’s comments were made in an interview with journalist Don Lemon, during which Musk discussed the use of ketamine as a medicine. Musk, known for his often erratic behavior, has faced scrutiny following recent reports about his alleged drug use and the potential impact on his companies.

“There are times when I have a kind of negative chemical state in my brain, like depression, I guess, or depression that’s not related to any negative news, and ketamine is useful for getting out of negative moods,” Musk told Lemon. Musk said he has a prescription for the drug from “a real doctor” and uses it “in a small amount once every two weeks or something.”

While Musk claims he doesn’t drink alcohol and “don’t know how to smoke marijuana,” he did not specify whether he was talking about ketamine or some other substance when he said it in the late night post. When he does, he is “almost always” calm.

Musk previously posted Musk’s comments provide more insight into drug use by one of the world’s richest and most powerful people.

Musk denied abusing the drug, saying that “If you use too much ketamine, you really can’t function. “I have a lot of work, I usually work 16-hour days… so I don’t really have a situation where I can’t stay mentally sharp for long periods of time.”

Musk said he believes his depression is genetic, adding that he does not think his ketamine use will have any impact on his companies or his government contracts.

“From a Wall Street perspective, what matters is execution,” he said. “Are they creating value for investors? “Tesla’s value is equal to the total value of the rest of the auto industry… So from an investor’s perspective, if I’m taking something, I should keep doing it.”

An extensive 90-minute interview between Musk and Lemon, which started a dispute between the two men and resulted in the end of a planned deal by X to pay Lemon to post his new streaming show on the platform, in which Musk used involved more than. Ketamine, and criticism of Musk’s diversity, equity and inclusion programs and the Tesla Cybertruck lawsuit.

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Musk also talked about the state of X’s core advertising business, which has suffered losses since the billionaire acquired the company formerly known as Twitter due to a rise in hateful and controversial content on the platform. Musk previously said that advertisers who left X over concerns about anti-Semitic content could “go to hell” and accused them of ruining the company.

In the interview with Lemon, Musk said that almost all of the company’s advertisers have returned and “it’s a very small list of advertisers that are not returning to the platform, and our ad revenue is growing rapidly and our Subscription revenue is growing rapidly and I feel very optimistic about the future of the platform.

“You can choose where you want your advertising, what you want your advertiser to show next, but you can’t insist on censorship of the entire platform,” he said. “If you insist on censoring the entire platform, even if your ads don’t appear, we clearly don’t want you as advertisers.”

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