Emily Blunt and John Krasinski looked like real royalty on the Golden Globes red carpet

If you think there’s still hope for you, great news, IDK, Paul Mescal: John Krasinski was Emily Blunt’s #1 fan (some might say stan) for years, and he married her. These two have been together for over 15 years and even after two kids and two films, they are still deeply in love. If you’re wondering how they met, what their first date was like — basically, everything — we’ve got you covered with a timeline right here.

November 2008

John and Emily meet for the first time! The moment passes as Emily is eating dinner with a friend. as soon as he put it on late night, “My friend says, ‘Oh my God, there’s my friend John.’ It was revealed that John was having dinner with Justin Theroux and he immediately “left Justin and came over to talk to us. He didn’t eat. He just stood there and made me laugh.”

They eventually go on a date, although they can’t agree on who asked. whost and debated this topic a bit during an interview with hollywood reporter Earlier John said, “I’ve been asking for a while and you took a while, and then we finally had a date.”

Meanwhile, John told Conan O’Brien, “On our first date, I decided, ‘I’m going to really hit the gas and take her to the gun range. I guess I was so sure that I was going to get her. Would never be with you because she was like, ‘It’s ridiculous I can have anyone, not you,’ I said, ‘You know what, I’ll blow it off right away and then that way you won’t feel bad.’

January 2009

Emily and John have been photographed at the SAGs, their first official event together but *not* their first official red carpet.

TNTBS goes backstage and in the audience to broadcast the 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild AwardsTNTBS goes backstage and in the audience to broadcast the 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

Lester Cohen – Getty Images

August 2009

John’s proposal! Lovely story in 3, 2, 1….

“We were here in L.A. and there were unicorns and oceans and clouds,” he explains. Reach Hollywood. ,she said yes! It was very casual. I was nervous and the whole nine yards. After I cried, she cried and we cried and then everyone around us was crying. Again, I think people weren’t really sure what was going on, but they were crying because we were crying. But it was very good. At the end of the day she said yes which is great. That’s a big part of this whole thing.”

October 2009

They are seen as attractive and what not He Ladies at the Hollywood Dinner:

16th Annual Elle Tribute to Women in Hollywood16th Annual Elle Tribute to Women in Hollywood

Stephanie Keenan – Getty Images

November 2009

See! Her first official red carpet!

<span कक्षा="चित्र का श्रेय देना">Stephen Lovekin – Getty Images</span>” data-src=”https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/lXK9SEoS0Itc7_K0781XUA–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTEzNDM-/https://media.zenfs.com/en/cosmopolitan_438/a6a065542b24f73c3982b92189524bf7 “/><img alt=
Stephen Lovekin – Getty Images

July 2010

Emily and John get married. At George Clooney’s house. In Lake Como.

It looks perfect, except for Emily’s spray tan. “I look at pictures and it just has this orange tint that’s unnatural for normal skin color,” she recalls telling James Corden. “It was to do with myself. Why did I have a budget on my wedding day? I don’t know why. It was a little weird. It smelled bad. And it was a very hot day so if you sweat and you have Have a spray tan—wearing white. Just seeing orange. It was horrible.”

Meanwhile, John tells He George offered to host the wedding several times and “only the fourth time he asked did I say yes. Because the first three times I thought, ‘There’s no way he’s serious.’ But I started to see his feelings getting hurt. I actually hurt George Clooney’s feelings.”

January 2013

they are completely Inseparable in CCA.

18th Annual Critics' Choice Film Awards, Backstage and Audience18th Annual Critics' Choice Film Awards, Backstage and Audience

Christopher Polk – Getty Images

May 2014

John and Emily welcome their daughter Hazel!

January 2015

When Emily wins Best Action Movie Actress at the CCA, John runs onto the stage and gives her a big kiss.

December 2015

Emily first appeared on John’s Instagram (please note: he does not have an Instagram – at least not a public one):

January 2016

John snapped towards Emily diurnal animalsSaying, “The best days of my life started when I met my wife – it’s true, I’m not just telling this because it looks good on the cards. She’s one of the nicest people ever.” , she’s very talented, she’s beautiful, and she’s definitely out of my league. And so suddenly all those things that I loved, I found someone who loved all of that about me. In my life. There were a lot of things she hadn’t experienced and a lot of things in her life that I hadn’t experienced, so suddenly we had to start doing things we loved.”

End of June 2016

John and Emily welcome their second daughter, Violet! (This time, no photo.)

August 2016

John admitted during an interview glamour that he has gone completely crazy the devil Wears Prada And have seen it many times:

“Before I met Emily, I’d seen that movie – because it’s on TV all the time – so it’s one of the only movies that if you’re channel surfing and you land on it, you get to see the rest of it. Gotta look the part. Embarrassing, I think we were only dating a couple of weeks, and she stopped… and I didn’t know she was stopping, so when she opened the door (door and came in) , so I quickly flipped the channel. I’m sure she thought I was watching something completely inappropriate, and I decided to make her believe that instead of actually knowing what I was watching. the devil Wears Prada, And then later in our relationship, she asked if I had seen the devil Wears Prada And I said, ‘Yes,’ and he said, ‘How many times?’ And I said, ‘A lot.’ He said, what is too much? And I said, ’75 times.’ ,laughs) I’m so lucky that she stayed with me and didn’t realize that she was actually married to her stalker!”

January 2017

John praised Emily on Instagram:

January 2018

And then he praised Emily some more during an interview Vanity Fair, Saying, “When she starts doing what she does the air in the room changes. It’s so honest and so pure and so powerful. It’s like a superpower that she can unlock easily and especially very Can do this with less effort.”

April 2018

They stormed the premiere of a quiet placeTheir first film together:

<span कक्षा="चित्र का श्रेय देना">Dia Dipasupil – Getty Images</span>” data-src=”https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/thBXt.PUcN_h.ZuVDLZqdQ–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTE0Mzk-/https://media.zenfs.com/en/cosmopolitan_438/c7a7ac3da4a5b1f85156223c42636050 “/><img alt=
Dia Dipasupil – Getty Images

January 2019

Emily accepts the SAG Award a quiet placeSaying, “I’m totally going to share this with my husband, John Krasinski, because the whole experience of doing this with you touched my heart straight away. You are a brilliant filmmaker. I look forward to being with you.” And very fortunate to do.” This film is with you.”

March 2020

They are waiting for its premiere A Quiet Place II,

<span कक्षा="चित्र का श्रेय देना">Manny Carrabelle – Getty Images</span>” data-src=”https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/3tYDORP8c0zXYuLJNGzIZg–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTE0MDY-/https://media.zenfs.com/en/cosmopolitan_438/e7c05f78a521186fbd7d3364738d2c82″/><img alt=
Manny Carrabelle – Getty Images

December 2022

Emily revealed that she still has the dress she wore on her first date with John, telling Stephen Colbert, “I have a really awesome, old, royal blue velvet jacket, and I Don’t wear it, but John and I wore it.” First date, and I haven’t thrown it out. This is an awesome jacket. It sits there, and I say, ‘That’s a terrible jacket.'”

Meanwhile, John tells the parade“I wouldn’t be anywhere in my life without her. On a daily basis, but definitely…career-wise, as a father, she pushes me every day to be better in everything I do. “

February 2023

These two are waiting for SAG!

29th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Arrival29th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Arrival

Axel/Bauer-Griffin – Getty Images

June 2023

“I will say, my husband has bought me some wonderful and thoughtful, deep gifts,” says Emily, gazing happily at a vintage cello given to her by John (for free, of course). Like when he gave me a vintage cello , and I played the cello as a child. I’m very ashamed to play it now, because I’m terrible compared to what I used to look like, but I love it. And I love that she Bought it for me.”

July 2023

The couple celebrates their 13th (!!!) wedding anniversary and meets Emily oppenheimer Co-stars Cillian Murphy, Matt Damon and Robert Downey Jr. in New York. “Joining my Oppenheimer cast…wait, is this a Krasinski photo bomb or could there be a surprise cameo???” Robert wrote in his IG post, immortalizing the moment.

September 2023

John and Emily go to the US Open with their daughters and look like great survival parents:

Celebrities attend Day 12 of the 2023 US Open Tennis ChampionshipsCelebrities attend Day 12 of the 2023 US Open Tennis Championships

Gotham – Getty Images

And at the end of that month, the couple waits at The Albies and does a really good cleaning:

Clooney Foundation for Justice is AlbiesClooney Foundation for Justice is Albies

Cindy Ord – Getty Images

January 2024

Emily and John hit the Golden Globes red carpet and, of course, they looked incredible. Tea oppenheimer The star looks stunning in a gold gown designed by Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen’s former creative director, while John wears maroon suit pants with a red tuxedo jacket and black bow tie.

81st Annual Golden Globe Awards Arrival81st Annual Golden Globe Awards Arrival

Steve Granitz – Getty Images

And, a moment of silence for this adorable gesture of John, who moved out of the way for Emily to get some solo shots on the carpet.

81st Annual Golden Globe Awards Arrival81st Annual Golden Globe Awards Arrival

Axel/Bauer-Griffin – Getty Images

Feeling really overwhelmed by these two so leaving now, goodbye.

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