Emma Stone has a positive impact on her anxiety

Emma Stone’s struggle to manage her anxiety as a child has turned into “a kind of superpower” over the years. The actress says that with sports she has found a way to refocus on her anxious state.

Emma Stone opened up about her battle with anxiety in childhood in an interview with National Public Radio last Wednesday.

“I tell many young people who suffer from anxiety that I see it as a kind of superpower,” the Oscar-winning actress said of her role. La la Land In 2017.

She compares her childhood anxiety to “rocket fuel,” because you can’t help but get out of bed and go to work because you have all this energy inside of you. And that’s truly a gift.”

movie star poor things) says he found a way by starting therapy at age 8 and playing at age 11.

The actress also explains that this work allows her to focus on the present moment without worrying about what happened before, or what will happen later. She says that as an actress, it is very useful to stay grounded in the present moment and feel all those big emotions.

Emma Stone has opened up about her battle with anxiety and panic attacks over the years. She has previously explained that her anxiety helps her better understand her characters’ emotions.

“I also believe that there is a lot of empathy when we have a lot of internal difficulties. We want to understand how the people around us work or what’s going on with them internally, which is great for the characters,” she has already explained.

“It simply means that we have these tools to manage. And if you can use it for productive things, if you can use all those emotions in those synapses that are activated for something creative, or something you’re passionate about, or something interesting.

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