Emma Stone tries to go on ‘Jeopardy!’ every year

Emma Stone has collected a bunch of prestigious Hollywood awards — among them an Oscar, two Golden Globes and three SAG Awards — but the accolade that eludes her is the one she wants most: “Jeopardy!” Competitors.

“That’s my favorite show. This is my dream,” she said on a recent “Awards Circuit” podcast episode.

“Jeopardy!” But to become a contestant, Stone explained, you have to take a test, and you can only take it once a year, so she reapplied every June — so far to no avail.

“They don’t tell you how you did it. They just say, ‘If you come on the show, we’ll let you know in the next nine to 12 months,’ and imagine, I haven’t come on the show.”

When Schneider protested, of course, the “Poor Things” star went on “Celebrity Jeopardy!” She quickly clarified that she meant “the real ‘Jeopardy’!”

“I really want to earn my stripes,” she said.

Stone will not be the show’s first high-profile contestant. In 2018, Jackie Fuchs, who plays bass in the rock band The Runaways, won four games and took home more than $87,000. Paris Themmen, who played Mike TV in the original “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” competed in 2018, but host Alex Trebek introduced him only as an entrepreneur and “avid backpacker.”

Although the casting department hasn’t cast her yet, Stone is ready for the day when that happens. Every night, she watches the long-running game show — which is in its 40th season — noting how many of her answers she gets right.

On the podcast, the host jokingly described Stone’s efforts as “very Rosie Perez (in) ‘White Men Can’t Jump'”.

In that 1992 sports comedy, Billy Hoyle (played by Woody Harrelson), a former college basketball player, makes his living by racing streetballers. But in a side plot of the film, Billy’s girlfriend, Gloria Clemente (Perez), is on “Jeopardy!” But dreams of competing. And always quizzing herself on random facts in preparation.

When she finally arrives on the show, the categories coincidentally align with the same material Gloria has been studying – Old Testament figures, natural disasters, foods that begin with the letter “Q”.

For now, Stone is still waiting for her “Gloria Clemente” moment.

Meanwhile, his praise continues. Come January. Stone, 23, could become the second woman to be Oscar-nominated for producing and acting in the same year, following Frances McDormand, who won in both categories for 2020’s “Nomadland.”

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