Emma Watson goes to the pub and blocks the entrance to the car park


United KingdomEmma Watson goes to the pub and blocks the entrance to the car park

If the angry manager of the pizzeria had not invited the police, the case might have had a favorable outcome.



Emma Watson, on sale here.

Emma Watson, on sale here.

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Emma Watson recently had a very bad night in Stratford-upon-Avon, a town located in the United Kingdom, not far from Oxford. Apparently it’s not just their fault, the Daily Mail reports. The actress had parked her Audi A3 on the road to spend the evening at a nearby pub. Small problem: parking is prohibited and his vehicle completely blocked the entrance to the parking lot located in the historic center of the city.

His behavior infuriated the manager of a pizzeria, whose car remained stuck in the parking lot for more than three hours, although, he said, the entrepreneur had recently completed a 12-hour work day. After trying to find the culprit in nearby restaurants, the man finally decided to call the police. The latter called a tow truck to clear the entrance.

“that is my car!”

The ongoing operation became known to Emma Watson, who, according to witnesses, exclaimed, “It’s my car, it’s my car!” She ran out of the pub screaming. And then requested the police to stop the operation. Nothing happened, his car was confiscated. Emma Watson was fined £192. Not to mention a proportional supplement to downtime.

Emma Watson became one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood after starring in all eight “Harry Potter” films. But she decided to take a break from her career after the release of her last film, “Little Women,” in 2019, as reported by the “Daily Mail.”

This gave her time to shoot Prada perfume ads, resume her studies at Oxford University to obtain a master’s degree in creative writing, and spend a few evenings in the pub, including one too many.

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