Emmanuel Macron implements new immigration law in France

Paris.-French President Emmanuel Macron made a new law on migrationThe Official Gazette was published on Saturday, and the first instructions for its application were presented to the authorities.

The French Constitutional Court had condemned several provisions of the law, including, among other things, restricting access to social benefits and insisting on the right to family reunification. After that decision, Macron asked the interior minister, gerard darmaninDo “everything in your power” to enforce it immigration Law As soon as possible,” a member of the presidential team told AFP.

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Darmanin, who had previously indicated that some measures were “clearly contrary to the Constitution,” called the decision a victory for the government.

The court’s decision was condemned by the extreme right. National Rally Party president Jordan Bardella called the decision a “coup by judges with the support of the president” and called for a referendum as the “only solution” to the immigration issue.

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