EndoTest, a saliva test to diagnose endometriosis

A few drops of saliva are enough to do the test and know if the person is suffering from endometriosis. This new device, is called endotest It was conceived by a French biotechnology company zweig And relies on artificial intelligence to analyze microRNAs present in saliva. A major advance in the fight against this disease that affects a large number of women.

It is estimated that 10% of women are of reproductive age Suffering from endometriosis. A disease that, in addition to being chronic, is difficult to recognize, it is estimated that between 5 and 7 years are required to obtain a diagnosis, sometimes up to 10 years.

In this sense, the advent of the saliva test to detect endometriosis is a major advance.

test, called endotest, one of two Zweig Endotest® It seeks to detect microscopic RNA (ribonucleic acid) present in saliva and, thanks to an artificial intelligence algorithm to sequence it, results are obtained within a few days. This innovation has won several awards, including the Gallien Prize. The latest results have been published in the journal New England Journal of Medicine Evidence.

The Zweig Endotest saliva test is now available in many countries and has CE (European Union) certification.
The Zweig Endotest saliva test is now available in many countries and has CE (European Union) certification. © Zweig Endotest

The test was conceived by a French biotechnology company, zweig, He Professor Herve FernandezAs a gynecologist, she was involved with other colleagues in the development of this device:

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high reliability

EndoTest has a reliability rate of up to 95% and recently France’s Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS)—the highest health authority—recommended that the test be made accessible to women who have symptoms but whose imaging tests are normal. .

On the other hand, EndoTest will also avoid invasive examinations such as laparoscopy, a surgical technique that allows examining the pelvic-abdominal cavity with the help of an optical lens. In addition to being invasive, its cost is high, so access to EndoTest as an alternative test also represents a substantial savings for the social security system.

At the moment, Endotest is already marketed in a dozen countries in Europe, such as Switzerland and Germany, and also in the Middle East.

In France it has not yet been defined at what point in the disease it is advisable to do this test. Experts suggest that this may happen when women show some specific symptoms (strong menstrual pain, bleeding, difficulty getting pregnant), but medical examination with images does not show any abnormalities.

Interviewer: Professor Hervé FernandezObstetrician-gynecologist at the Bicêtre Hospital in Paris and professor at the Paris Saclay University.

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