“Escort Psychopath” Fell in Chile: He Tied Up and strangled more than 9 women to rob them

Thanks to the help of municipal personnel from Santiago and a large part of the Venezuelan authorities, it was possible to ascertain the true identity of the subject.

(from santiago, chile) A person of Venezuelan nationality, who was baptized “Escort Psychopath”, At least one was arrested by the Police Investigation (PDI) after the attack. 9 sex workers, most of the upper neighborhoods in Santiago. However, police suspect that the number of victims may rise. Increase to 20.

His arrest was achieved thanks to A joint work of the prosecutor’s office and municipal authorities of several Santiago communes such as Lo Barnechea and La Florida. Venezuelan police also cooperated in the investigation.

Through security cameras in the apartments where the women lived, it was recorded when the subject arrived and registered with False documents.

“He tied the hands and feet of all the victims, with some even plastic handcuffs Due to which injuries occurred. He hanged three of them, knocked two unconscious and even shot one with a gun,” the prosecutor explained. George Reyes.

The cell phones of those who were conscious were stolen and left behind. steady on the ground, making it impossible for them to call for immediate help.

Later, after being arrested, it will be revealed what the person had done. four identities To go unnoticed, but carelessly, on a trip where he did not have a false ID was key in identifying him.

The same prosecutor reported that all the victims willing to report, a total of nine women, suffered events with similar characteristics: their hands and feet were tied, hanged and, later, robbed of their belongings and the money they had. taken. However, the authority said the actual victims would be more than 20.

“In all cases, the action of gatekeeper This was necessary. They were the people who always provided first aid, or the people who heard screams or gunshots,” Reyes said.

“I still tried Conflict With him, he was with the knife…(he told me) to stay quiet, not to shout. He started strangling me and at one point I felt like I wouldn’t be able to breathe anymore. He told me things, he didn’t care if he had to kill me, One of the victims said, “He left me tied on the ground… Many things kept going through my mind, in those moments I saw myself literally dead.”

These tours usually lasted for about 20 minutesBecause as soon as he entered the house, he took out a knife and started his work.

“He logged into my bank account, asked me for the password, and since I wanted him to leave quickly, I gave him the password. he told me Venezuelan And that was bad, that he was part of a group and they put pressure on him. Nothing like that had ever happened to me, on the contrary, I had always had good clients… nothing strange had ever happened to me and maybe I was a little overconfident. But he came straight to steal, as soon as he came inside he took out a knife,” the woman explained.

According to PDI sub-province, leonardo henriquez, “The subject contacted women through an Internet page where sexual services are provided, most of the victims were on the same forum. And the motive was always to steal goods and cash kept by the victims,” he said, denying any sexual assault.

Ultimately, PDI found the whereabouts of this criminal, who was living in the commune of La Florida, leading to his arrest and the risk of a prison sentence of over 20 thousand. From 5 years and 1 day to 20 years.

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