Etecsa has announced changes to the life cycle validity of prepaid lines

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Text: Hugo Lyon

The Cuban Telecommunications Company (Etecsa) announced this Wednesday on the social network a change in the validity of the subscription life cycle for prepaid mobile telephone subscribers.

According to the communication from the Havana branch of that entity, all prepaid mobile phone subscribers who recharge an amount equal to or greater than CUP 100.00 through any established means will have their line validity extended.

The text states that this also applies to all purchases or gifts of joint plans and/or packages for amounts exceeding the mentioned figure.

Thus, the minimum amount to be recharged has been reduced to extend the life of mobile lines with this type of service in the country.

This is the second announcement Etecsa has made to its users so far this week.

Earlier, the country’s only telecom company had announced a new offering of modem plus mobile data, which can be purchased through international distributors.

Marketing of the package started yesterday, January 15. According to Etecsa, it is a modem with a mobile data connection that allows multiple devices to be connected at the same time “and enjoy a better experience without call interference in the connection.”

The company’s website states, “From January 15 to 30, you can purchase this offer through international distributors which includes: a modem, a data SIM, and a 100GB plan valid for 3 months.”

Additional plans can also be purchased that extend and extend the validity of the initial plan. The company did not include purchase costs in its publication.

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