EU agrees to impose sanctions on thirty people and entities over Navalny’s death

The European Union did not recognize the results of the Russian presidential elections held in the Ukrainian-occupied zone this Monday

Foreign Minister of the European Union (EU) they agreed this monday Thirty individuals and institutions approved Regarding the death in prison of a Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny.

At a press conference at the end of Council of Community Ministers of branch, EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Affairs, Josep Borrell, It was reported that they would be sanctioned under the EU’s general system of restrictive measures for human rights violations.

Sanctions will become more effective after their publication in Official Journal of the EU, And this includes a ban on travel to the EU for those affected and freezing any funds they hold in the Community area.

in a statement, The European Union did not recognize the results of the Russian presidential election this Monday Placed in the occupied territory of Ukraine for violating international law.

In connection with the elections in the Russian region, which once again brought victory Vladimir Putin, He noted that these events occurred “in a rapidly deteriorating political situation, which has resulted in a worrying increase in violations of civil and political rights,” and in which many candidates were prevented from running in the elections, including those who had Opposed the war in Ukraine. ,

Borrell commented at the press conference, “There is a clear difference between holding an election in someone else’s house and holding an election in your own house,” in which he added that in that context Russia “rains in the wet season” and that “Fake” elections were conducted In the sense that there is no freedom of expression or alternative candidates”.

“We know what an election is like Russia, But if they are committed in the territory of a neighboring country, double the punishment will be given,” he remarked.

However, Declaration Twenty-seven on Russian elections does not state whether the EU recognizes elections on Russian territory as internationally recognized.

When asked about this in a press conference, Spain’s Foreign Minister said, Jose Manuel Alberes, responded that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cares very little” what the EU thinks about the legitimacy of the elections.

However, Alberes reiterated that the electoral process in Russia is “far from what happened spain And in the EU we understand democratic elections with guarantees”.

Asked directly whether Spain recognizes the election results in Russia, he stressed that Putin “doesn’t care what the EU and EU countries think.”

“Our position with regard to Alexei Navalny and the sanctions imposed around his death, and the support we are giving to Ukraine, shows where the EU stands, which is with those who support freedom, pluralism, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Protect the integrity and sovereign equality of states,” he said.

European ministers heard from their Ukrainian counterparts this Monday, Dmytro Kuleba, status of their country, and aid funds for Ukraine were formally approved, endowed with 5,000 million euros within the framework of this year European Peace Assistance Fund (FEAP).

Borrell assured that this would provide predictability to EU military support for Ukraine, which would continue to be guided by its expressed needs. Kyiv And will also consider joint procurement, bilateral assistance or even training received through the European Mission dedicated to the Ukrainian military.

“The Ukraine Aid Fund is to help Ukraine. Not to develop European industry, but to help it.” Ukraine”, He insisted.

On the other hand, the head of Community diplomacy said today he appreciated the “strong consensus”, although not unanimity, on pursuing the use of extraordinary benefits arising from Russian assets frozen in the EU due to sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine. And he said that he hopes to present a proposal in that sense together with The European Commission.

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