Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler’s new film is taking the MCU to the point it has been looking for for 5 years


  • Coogler and Jordan’s untitled project could beat the MCU’s Blade reboot with a slice of the vampire era.
  • Coogler and Jordan could continue their movie hot streak with a fifth collaboration set to impress.
  • Coogler’s films with Jordan have grossed over $1.28 billion worldwide – an impressive feat.

an unnamed upcoming ryan coogler And Michael B.Jordan The collaboration may arrive ahead of the heavily delayed MCU reboot. The longtime actor-director duo has paved their way with notable work for over a decade, starting with the critically acclaimed film. Fruitvale Station (2013), a breakout film for both Coogler and Jordan. The pair have since led two major franchisesTea rocky By-product creed and award-winning MCU properties black Panther,

Although Coogler has only four feature films as a director, both are his original installments creed And black Panther The franchise has made him one of the most sought-after filmmakers in Hollywood. While Jordan has since begun working with other directors and emerged as a director himself, his joint efforts with Coogler remain some of the highlights of his career. In four films. Coogler’s films starring Jordan have grossed approximately $1.28 billion At the worldwide box office.


After the $276 million hit, Michael B. Jordan’s Creed franchise replacement is unexpected

It seems that after the huge box office success of Creed 3, Michael B. Jordan has found a replacement for the Creed franchise in an unexpected way.

Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan’s vampire movie could be made before MCU’s Blade

Michael B. Erik as Killmonger  Jordan points the spear at Chadwick Boseman off-screen as T'Challa/Black Panther in Black Panther.

Marvel is planning this
The reboot is set to take place 5 years after it was originally announced in 2019 with Mahershala Ali.

The fifth collaboration between Coogler and Jordan could be released before the MCU blade The reboot, which currently has a release date for late 2025. Reports suggest that Coogler and Jordan’s next project may begin shooting in April 2024His film, billed as a vampire period piece, has an excellent shot at arriving before the massive delay blade, Which has been pushed back several times and now its release date is November 7, 2025.

Marvel is planning this blade The reboot has been set to take place 5 years after it was originally announced in 2019 with Mahershala Ali. Ali was recently dissatisfied with the script of 2023 and requested a rewrite, which caused production delays that were exacerbated by the dual WGA and SAG strikes the previous year. However, thanks to Coogler and Jordan, audiences may get a vampire movie with a period setting, which was at one point reported for Blade, two people heavily considered in the MCU before the MCU actually did so. Were included from.

The upcoming Coogler and Jordan project is currently untitled.


New Blade Movie: Cast, Release Date and Everything We Know

Marvel’s new Blade movie starring Mahershala Ali is moving forward, and here’s everything we know about the MCU film’s release date, cast, and story.

Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan’s vampire movie is even more exciting than the MCU’s Blade

Coogler and Jordan’s untitled project will have no shared universe hurdle as there was with both
black Panther

Coogler and Jordan’s vampire period piece is arguably more exciting than the MCU blade Reboot considering how great their track record has been. There is huge momentum behind this project and it appears to be completed faster and easier than before of blade The bumpy road to production, which indicates a lot of confidence in the project. Additionally, Coogler and Jordan’s untitled project will not have any shared universe constraints as there was with the two. creed And black Panther Franchise. Whereas blade It’s still very exciting and Ali’s casting still seems perfectIts individual failings and the broader issues of the MCU could spell trouble.


Michael B. Ranking of Jordan’s best films

Michael B. Jordan has been a part of two franchises that have received critical and commercial success, and in between, he’s had great small roles.

Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan’s vampire movie could continue his 4-movie hot streak

Ryan Coogler and Michael B. on the set of Fruitvale Station.  Jordan.

Coogler and Jordan’s new film has the potential to further their impressive Hollywood film streak with their upcoming vampire film. Coogler’s four feature films have either been critically acclaimed or met with massive box office success., showing that the formidable duo of Coogler and Jordan can do no wrong. It’s possible that their fifth collaboration will be focused on garnering more critical praise than box office success, as both Coogler and Jordan have yet to win an Academy Award. Coogler has received two Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. Judas and the Black Messiah As a producer.

Ryan Coogler Movie (Year)

rotten tomatoes score

domestic box office

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022)


$453.8 million

black Panther (2018)


$700.2 million

creed (2015)


$109.7 million

Fruitvale Station (2013)


$16.1 million


Every Ryan Coogler Movie Ranked From Worst to Best

Ryan Coogler has quickly become one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed directors, but is his best film Creed, Black Panther or Fruitvale Station?

Why is the MCU’s Blade reboot taking so long?

Blade Mahershala Ali Cropped

timeline for marvel blade The reboot takes place before the 2020 pandemic. After being announced in 2019, Blade suffered initial delays due to COVID-19, which were compounded by the dual WGA and SAG strikes for 2023, as well as Ali’s dissatisfaction with the original screenplay. Marvel previously announced in 2013 that they were working on developing a blade reboot Wesley Snipes is possibly set to reprise his iconic role. After Ali’s breakout success in films like Moonlight (2016) and green book (2018), for which he won two Best Supporting Actor Oscars, Marvel remade Blade with Ali as the lead hero.

Ali has already appeared in the MCU as Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes luke cage, After Ali’s casting was officially announced in 2019, he Blade is first featured briefly in an uncredited voiced cameo in a post-credits scene of eternal (2021), A creative team for blade Was not put together until February 2021. Director Bassam Tariq left the project due to creative differences, leading to Yann Demange being hired. Stacey Osei-Kuffour wrote blade Reboot only to have the screenplay rewritten and worked on by three different writers true Detective Producer Nick Pizzolatto and blade runner 2049 Screenwriter Michael Green.

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