Eva Green: What are her 5 best roles?

Famous for her piercing gaze, her ebony hair, and her magnetic voice, Eva Green has developed a certain penchant over the course of her career for playing women who are as dark as they are dangerous. Witches, double agents, cursed women: all his characters are surrounded by clouds of mystery.

Born and raised in Paris, the actress soon found herself free from French territory to star in international productions such as Franchise James Bond Films from 2007 or by director Tim Burtonmarked by film dark Shadows As a first collaboration. In 2023, she continued her impressive career by playing Milady, a devilish character if there ever was one, in the film adaptation of Masterpiece.alexandre dumas Father. Whereas Proxima Airing this January 10, 2024, from 8:55 pm on ARTE, Vogue returns to the most spectacular roles of the French actress’s career.

Vesper Lind Inn casino Royale (2007)

In 2007, the career ofeva green This is just the beginning. He acted for the first time on the big screen four years ago louis garrelat the house of bertolucci, On the other side of the channel, the franchise James Bond It’s the dawn of a new beginning: Daniel Craig is successful Pierce Brosnan To play the role of an English detective. martin campbellDirector of casino Royale, wants to wipe the slate clean and explain the character’s origin. Thus, he portrays a James Bond who is not yet fully 007, more sensitive, less misogynistic than he had been up to then. Vesper can then enter the scene in the guise of Lind.eva green, A very mysterious hero, she is the one who first breaks James Bond’s heart, even shaping his trajectory in the following films. quantum of Solace Is spectrum, Responsible for ensuring the smooth running of 007’s mission, she proves to be much more than just an unimportant supporting role, made unforgettable by the French actress’s interpretation.

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