The Sharks equaled this win record from last season (+details)

When talking about the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League, without a doubt, we must mention the Tiburones de la Guerra organization, which continues to demonstrate that they are the team with the best news in these final stages.

The players led by Osvaldo Guillén have not stopped showcasing their offensive prowess, something that makes them one of the most attractive and productive rosters so far this season. Calendar for this round robin in the 2023/2024 edition.

Likewise, after a win by eight runs to five against Bravos de Margarita this Saturday, January 13, they are currently the leaders of the standings, which allows them Reach nine wins so far in the playoff schedule

As if that were not enough, it is extremely important to mention that the same team classified it Grand Final last season (2022/2023), currently they have the same number of wins (9)Which draws attention to what could be the results of the next games and what their recognition could be before reaching the 16 games.

For this reason, the chances that they can qualify again for this final stage of the Creole crop, taking into account their advantage over other teams, are quite large. However, they require increase these numbers To have the peace of mind of being one step away from the championship.

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