Evelyn Beltran rushes to the emergency room! Model explains what sent her to the hospital

followers of evelyn beltran On Instagram they were very concerned about one of the most recent images published in their stories.

From the emergency room of a hospital, the model, who suffered a tragic personal loss a few days ago, showed an image with which she told about her visit to the emergency room of the medical center.

Seeing the flood of messages of affection and positive energy, Evelyn has responded with gratitude and explained the reason why she had to get treated by doctors.

“Thank you all for asking what happened to me,” his writing begins.

Evelyn Beltran, Tony Costa’s girlfriend.
Instagram Evelyn Beltran

“I became allergic to the food I ate the day before and I had to go to the emergency room today,” explained the mannequin, who also recently shared a strong message addressed to those who, on the contrary, do not care so much About the rest.

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The allergies we encountered had physical effects. He concluded by reassuring his community, “I had rashes all over my body and it was very itchy, and my eyes were swollen, but I’m okay. Thank you for your love.”

Evelyn Beltran.
IG/Evelyn Beltran
Evelyn Beltran.
IG/Evelyn Beltran

Evelyn will be all dressed up and healthy for the next event at Patty Oliveira’s Hair Salon & Spa, where she is one of the star guests.

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