Everything we know about the redesign of the world’s most popular car

He Tesla Model Y it is a suv car Foreigner The 100% electric compact was introduced in March 2019, with first deliveries in March 2020. After going on sale, it was an instant success, becoming the best-selling car of 2023. Not just electric, but in general. It is available with rear-wheel drive and one motor or all-wheel drive and two motors, one on each axle of the vehicle. After the renovation of the interior and exterior design of the Model 3 or project highlandThe same is expected to happen with the Model Y. This change is, internally, known project juniper,

The redesign, as happened with the Model 3, will help Tesla further reduce the production costs of the Model Y, as well as increase its autonomy by reducing aerodynamic drag and thus making it more efficient, making a car much Will offer new and updates, but without increasing prices.

He Tesla Model Y Juniper Redesigned, it will update the exterior and interior of the vehicle, it will offer some of the innovations that the company incorporated in the Model S, Model

Exterior changes to the redesigned Tesla Model Y Juniper

He Tesla Model Y Juniper Will have an updated design similar to Tesla Model 3 Highland, Namely, changes to the front that include new smaller headlights, a more aerodynamic bumper and a modification to the shape of the front area of ​​the vehicle to make it a little more sporty and efficient.

The rear area will also change, like the Model 3, with new taillights, possibly in one piece, without the rear trunk door cutout as in the current design. This not only simplifies the manufacturing of parts, but also provides additional efficiency.

At the moment it is not known whether Tesla will update the dumping system or not Model Y Juniper as happened to him Model 3 HighlandBut considering that it is their best-selling car, it is most likely that they will improve the vehicle in that aspect to make it more comfortable without losing the feeling of sportiness.

Tesla Model Y Project JuniperTesla Model Y Project Juniper

Changes to the interior of the redesigned Tesla Model Y Juniper

He Tesla Model Y Juniper This will include all the internal changes that we have seen in this tesla model 3 highland, The first thing we will notice when entering the vehicle is the complete absence of wood finish and details on the dashboard and doors. It will also include an LED strip that runs across the entire interior of the vehicle.

entire interior of Model Y Juniper It will be redesigned with new materials that will give the vehicle a more premium appearance, and will be renewed without losing the brand’s distinctive minimalism. There will be a 15-inch multi-touch front screen in the center of the dashboard.

The second row of seats will get a new 10-inch multi-touch screen through which you can control climate control, access Netflix, Disney+, prime video one of two youtube Control the music if necessary, or move the right front seat for easy access.

This screen, like the Model S, Model 3 and Model

But the most important change is its interior. Tesla Model Y Juniper This would be complete absence of liver. Turning is now done via two haptic buttons with feedback on the left side of the steering wheel. The gear shift lever is now done by sliding the finger up or down on the screen, depending on which direction we want to go.

The gearshift system, being 100% software, is smart enough to figure out the direction you want to go. If you’re in a parking spot and there’s a wall in front of you, after you sit and put on your seat belt, it automatically shifts to reverse gear when you press the brake.

If you are parked and there are no obstacles in front, select the gear to move forward, the driver does not need to select it. Still, if the system makes a mistake – although in our experience it’s right most of the time – you can select a gear on the screen.

In addition to the turn signals, the steering wheel of the Model Y Juniper will also have buttons to activate the camera, windshield wipers, voice assistant and change lights. It maintains two multifunction wheels with which you can increase or decrease the volume, change themes, activate or deactivate the autopilot, and program additional functions.

Youtube videoYoutube video

Will Tesla Model Y Juniper come with new batteries?

Like the Model 3 Highlander, Tesla likely won’t replace the batteries used for the Model Y in the vehicle’s redesign. The increase in autonomy will be due to improvements in the vehicle’s aerodynamics and other optimizations that reduce the overall weight of the car. No, Tesla will not include CATL “Golden” batteries, which is a baseless rumor with no basis.

They do this to keep costs down and to be able to sell cars with new designs without increasing the price of the vehicle. Furthermore, these are batteries that are produced on a very large scale, which is essential for the company, and prices are becoming increasingly low.

This doesn’t mean Tesla will use new or different batteries in the future, but it will if it can make those types of changes without affecting the per unit manufacturing price. In addition, the company will also continue to focus on increasing the production of 4680 batteries.

Tesla Model Y Project JuniperTesla Model Y Project Juniper

When will Tesla Model Y Juniper be presented?

Tesla has not yet announced the exact release date of its redesign model yBut a report published by bloomberg This ensures that the vehicle will be available from the second half of 2024. The strategy will be similar to the one they implemented Model 3 Highland, That is, it will first be available for sale in both Asia and Europe, and months later it will reach the United States, Mexico and Canada.

According to the report, Tesla may have taken advantage of the Chinese New Year holiday to modify the Giga Shanghai production lines and adapt to the changes needed to assemble it. Model Y Juniper, In addition, there is also a strange coincidence with the stoppage at the Berlin Giga due to supply problems, which can be taken advantage of to carry out the necessary changes.

One way to anticipate the launch of the Model Y Juniper is the increase in leaks about the car, its parts, and its new design. Tesla is also moving to reduce the price of existing models more aggressively just weeks before the launch of the new version.

tesla model y juniper price

Tesla has not announced prices yet Model Y JuniperBut it will probably retain the current one, as it did with Model 3 Highland, In any case, the company usually changes the prices on a regular basis and it may also go up or down before the launch of the vehicle.

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