‘Everything’s Bigger’: Jenna Ortega Reveals New Season 2 of Wednesday (Netflix)

It’s been over a year since Season 1 of Wednesday – Or Wednesday, its original title – caused a huge incident. During the prestigious Emmy Awards this Monday, January 15, 2024, the Netflix series won several awards. Jenna Ortega, the second youngest actress in history to be nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series, did not win the trophy. ,This was really unexpected, I’m very grateful. I feel very lucky to be here. It is very special to come under these circumstances. I was able to take my mom with me tonight, it’s pretty surreal“, she told on the red carpet before the ceremony.

Filming for season 2 should begin in April, and after difficult filming conditions in the first season, will no longer take place in Romania but in Ireland. While she will be a producer for this second season, in addition to playing the lead role, Jenna Ortega made several revelations during this interview for the Emmy Awards: “I’ve seen some scripts for the second season, there’s no doubt that we’re headed for something even more sinister. It’s really exciting because throughout the series, even though Wednesday needs a story arc, she never really changes. That’s the wonderful thing about him. There are some great lines, and I think everything is great. It’s pretty action packed and each episode will probably feel like a movie, which is nice.“. Mouth watering for all the fans!

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