Exchange rates: The peso started the second half of the year strong against the dollar.


Know how the exchange rates will be in major banks of the country on this Monday, January 15.

Dollar price in Mexico October 15, 2023Dollar price in Mexico October 15, 2023
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Mexico.- The second half of 2023 began and the peso emerged stronger against the United States currency. Here we will tell you what the exchange rate will be if you need to change or buy some greenbacks.

This Monday, January 15, the dollar was priced on average at 16.87 pesos per greenback in the country’s major banks.

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Regarding the FIX exchange rate, which Banxico gives us every day, according to the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) it is 16.8580 pesos per greenback; While the exchange rate that should be used to calculate obligations in dollars is 16.9898 pesos per dollar.

Exchange rates for this Monday, January 15

The dollar for purchases on this day was 16.4879 pesos for each green bill, while for sales it reached 17.1939 pesos.

On purchase:

  • Banorte: 15.70 pesos
  • Confirm: 16.00 pesos
  • BBVA: 16.02 pesos
  • Azteca Bank: 16.20 pesos
  • Banamex: 16.31 pesos

For sale:

  • BBVA: 17.14 pesos
  • Banorte: 17.15 pesos
  • Banamex: 17.32 pesos
  • Confirm: 17.40 pesos
  • Banco Azteca: 17.70 pesos


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