F1 2024 Bahrain GP | Free Training Session: Schedule, channels and where to watch the Formula 1 World Championship on TV and online in the United States and Mexico

formula 1 open in bahrain grand prix A new season in which nineteen drivers have a common goal, to overtake the Dutchman max verstappen ,red Bull), which looks to repeat last year’s victorious ride in an endless calendar of 24 circuits during 2024.

Free trials start this Thursday, February 29th. Free Trial 1 begins at 6:30 a.m. in the eastern United States and at 5:30 a.m. in central Mexico. The free trial 2 begins at 10:30 am in the United States and at 9:30 am in Mexico.

F1 2024: Everyone against Verstappen

The Dutchman has won three consecutive World Championships since 2021 and last year was his easiest as he added a total of 575 points, double the score of the second-placed Mexican. ‘Checo’ Perez ,red Bull), who finished with 285, and was the winner of nineteen of the competition’s twenty-two races.

Taking the crown from him this Saturday – the race takes place on Saturday, not Sunday – is the aim of all the other drivers in the paddock who suffer from superiority red Bull For three years and who has become accustomed to hearing the Dutch and Austrian national anthems at the end of every Sunday.

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Daniel Ballesteros

This is what you want to avoid at all costs ferrariThis appears to be a step forward from what was confirmed in last week’s tests.

In fact, this was his only career red Bull had been abandoned since the Spanish last year carlos saenz ,ferrari) was the only winning season in the 2024 season with only three champions, verstappen (19 wins), Perez (two more sanjWith a win.

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Daniel Ballesteros

This is why all teams are at the top of the grid, regardless of ferrari, mercedes, Aston Martin one of two mclarenhas chosen to emulate last year’s car red BullWith the aim of making the copy better than the original.

However, the Austrian team has been the one that has surprised the most, because instead of developing that vehicle, it has opted for RB20A completely new concept, different from last year, and which, may continue to give similar results to what came out in the tests chris horner,

Bahrain GP free practice time and TV

Free trial this Thursday, February 29th GP Of formula 1 bahrain, In the United States they will be seen starting at 6:30 am (Eastern), while in Mexico they will start at 5:30 am (Central).

In the United States, it will be seen on ESPN and streaming platforms Fubo and F1 TV. While in the Mexican territory the event will be broadcast through the screens of Fox Sports and F1 TV.

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