Ozempic or ‘body positive’: what are we left with?

Curvy model Dronmay Davis’ shocking weight loss has left her followers angry and feeling betrayed.

Until recently, Dronmay Davis’s Instagram account was the ‘mirror’ in which hundreds of thousands of women with overweight problems looked at themselves and found themselves in the popular ‘curvy’ model’s posts. They needed emotional pressure to ‘fit in’ in a society that worships thinness (and youth).,

If Dravid, with his images and his motivational texts spread in all four directions – strategically filled with ‘hastags’ of sorts ‘Fat’ ‘Belly’ ‘Saggy breasts’ ‘Stretch marks’– He can feel good in his skin, why can’t the rest of us?

The problem, as the ‘New York Times’ recently published a shameful portrait of the hypocrisy into which we have naturally settled, came when The model started losing weight, And, gradually, her generous shapes softened until they blurred into a lean and concise anatomy. And then came disappointment, doubt, and scorn from those who had once admired him.

Drewis refuted the rumors and denied that he was taking Ozempic injections and blamed them for his drastic weight loss. eating disorders Who have been following him for years.

But for his followers, his explanations haven’t been very helpful. Some people attacked her for cheating, using her to thrive with her attractive ‘body positive’ and self-acceptance thing on social networks. Others, simply, were more cruel and described him as “stoned with good words”.you have become very thin,

His case, obviously, is not the only one in the era of Ozempic, Mounjaro and his ilk. a time in which Even the most acclaimed Hollywood stars resort to punctures When they have dates they wear those ‘outfits’ on the red carpet that barely let them breathe (they’re much looser and more comfortable, but we’ll talk about that another day).

Additionally, stories like that of Dronamay Davis “have led to a proliferation of posts like”Does your ‘fat maker’ no longer want to be fat? Here are six mental tips to face the journey of starting to love yourself.“, recently published by Sarah Sapora, who defines herself as a “‘self-love’ influencer” for plus-size women.

In this crazy scenario where an ‘influencer’ who becomes famous and starts making money proudly shows off a body that doesn’t ‘adjust’ to the current beauty standards, that is Attacked by those who raised her by abandoning the woman with whom she identifiedSome ask such strange questions as to whether ‘curvy’ models should give explanations to their parishioners on losing weight.

The case is difficult, because, once again, it highlights the little chicha (pun intended) of image and ‘slavery’ (based on the ‘role’ presented) that lies behind that movement. ‘body positive’ Which is wonderful as an idea but in practice it feels like It’s little more than a label that some people squeeze out and make a profit from. As if she were a golden hen.

Furthermore, although we insist on saying how much we love each other and how satisfied we feel on social networks, we live in a time in which attention is placed excessively on the physical, And in a very specific physique. Which makes us especially fragile and vulnerable.

Stories like Dronmay Davis’s highlight that IThe childlike innocence with which we recognize people we don’t know at all and which makes us watch a movie on Instagram that is nothing more than a ‘performance’ (Are we talking about fitness ‘influencers’ who go to the gym just to be photographed, about lovers who can’t stand each other, or about healthy living apostles who secretly Do you smoke?).

And, it must be said, it is fair to point out that feeling proud of your body is a wonderful thing, but this feeling of self-acceptance should not go against it. The main reason we should worry about our weight: our health,

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