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That day has come. Just a few weeks after the announcement of the end of production of the Dodge Challenger and Charger that have been with us for almost two decades and the appearance of a Christmas card that gave a first look at the models, Dodge finally showed us the first images of the long-awaited Dodge Charger EV, a model that will forever change the famous American muscle car with a zero-emission powertrain – although without the V8, there will of course also be a combustion version .

General Features of Dodge Charger EV

As we can see in these pictures We are facing a final version similar to the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT EV concept that the American firm showed us for the first time in 2022., which at the same time maintains the muscular and retro design of the outgoing Challenger, although now with an even slimmer grille that houses two very hidden headlights that are no longer round, with a thin LED line framing the grille at the bottom And as we already saw it is a new Fratzog logo, exclusive to the brand’s new high-performance electric vehicles, which presides over the sector. Despite its new nature, we still have a large hood with pronounced air vents and a front bumper that also marks the character.

Dodge still has not clarified what the final name is, but everyone assumes that it will get the name Charger, if we take into account that we are dealing with a coupe, that would mean that The Charger name will return in a two-door format. From those golden 60s and 70s that made the model famous.

Dodge Charger EV Technical Specifications

At the mechanical level we know that the main role will be played by a 100% electric mechanic that promises to offer the same level of performance as the combustion Hellcat RedEye, which will exceed 800 hp confirmed with all-wheel drive., At that time, an 800-volt electrical architecture called Banshee was introduced, which would allow faster charging, better cooling for electric motors, and lighter wiring. A level of architecture that is already used by high-performance electric vehicles such as the Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron GT, Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6.

new dodge charger ev received


All this will also remain together An artificial sound that will attempt to emulate the Hellcats we have enjoyed so far. We’ve already seen this technology, called “Fratasonic,” in action and fine-tuned it over the past year., and as we know, putting false sound on power is a delicate matter which is not always good. We’ll see how it goes when we finally see this car On the streets in 2024.

In any case, for those who still prefer the production option or cannot afford the electric option, According to rumors, Dodge will also continue to offer a gasoline engine option for this new Charger. An option that won’t have a V8 engine, but with the new Hurricane 6-cylinder in-line biturboAlways on the LB base of Stellantis’ STLA Large.

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