Felipe Calderón’s son defends him and attacks AMLO: “It was not my father who stood up to Chapo’s mother”

Felipe Calderón’s son defends his father in X. (IG/@luisfecalderonz and CUARTOSCURO)

Luis Felipe Calderón Zavala, son of Felipe Calderón Hinojosalaunched against the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador In his “Mornings” he talks about the violence currently taking place in the country every time he faces the latest allegations against the former President.

Through his drug boss for six years and turning Mexico into a bloodbath? How does it feel that the money you spent on travel and luxury has caused pain, tears, helplessness and despair to millions of Mexicans? tell us”.

Faced with these questions, the son of the extortionist did not hesitate to answer and posted an image of another post of Gómez Naredo, where it read: “More than 12 years of war against drugs: this by Calderón was started” and continued by Peña. Grab multiple weapons and bosses. “A lot of publicity.”

Discussion by Luis Felipe Calderón and Jorge Gómez Naredo. (X/@luisfecalderonz)

With this catch, Calderón Zavala reminds Gómez Naredo that he previously complained because his father caught drug traffickers, while now he assures that he is a “drug boss”.

He also pitted himself against President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, emphasizing that “I remind you that it was not my father who stood up for this.” Chapo’s mother and freed the son” and added that, unlike the Tabasco native’s children, he does not have gray house Nor did he give contracts to his friends, referring to journalistic investigations that exposed corruption in the environment Jose Ramon, Andres Manuel and Gonzalo Alfonso Lopez Beltran.

Luis Felipe Calderón Zavala, one of the three children of Felipe Calderón and Margarita Zavala, is 24 years old and has a law degree from Universidad Panamericana in 2022.

Born in Michoacán, Luis Felipe and his siblings – Juan Pablo and María Calderón Zavala – were children when they arrived in Los Pinos in 2006 after their father won the elections.

Luis Felipe Calderón Zavala has more than 15 followers on Instagram. (screenshot)

Unlike his brothers, Luis Felipe remains in the public eye and is very active on social networks, where from time to time he takes the opportunity to highlight the work done by his father as head of the Federal Executive and Come forward to save from criticism. ,

On Instagram, where he has 15 thousand followers, he shows that he is a lover of open sea diving, animals (especially dogs) and the Pachuca team.

Furthermore, he is seen participating in marches called by the opposition or by entities disrupted by President López Obrador, an example of this was his participation in the march in favor of the National Electoral Institute (INE).

Calderón Zavala has praised his father on previous occasions, as he did in response to AMLO’s actions due to the passage of Hurricane Otis in October 2023: “A great leader, a true head of state. A true President dedicated to his nation. “Millions of Mexicans are proud of you, and with all your virtues and vices: every day we miss you more and more as the head of our beautiful country,” it reads.

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