Fernando Gago defends himself against the referee who warned him

Shivaj Could not beat Tigres, had to face defeat 1-0 Volcano And if that wasn’t enough, his technician Fernando Gago took yellow cardafter complaining several times Whistler Guillermo Pacheco,

In a press conference at the end of the match, Gago assured that he did not say anything to the referee to show him the yellow card and ‘warned’ that he had similar experiences. training and matchesWith full intensity.

“That’s how I live football, that’s how I live games. I didn’t say anything to the referee to get the yellow card, to be honest I couldn’t understand it,” commented the captain, who added that He is happy with his team’s action despite defeat,

Did Chivas deserve more?

Fernando Gago is sad about not getting three points In a match in which he believes that his team played very well, that it had many dangerous chances, more than the opponent; However, he knows that more work must be done on coercion.

“I liked the match a lot, I didn’t like the result. The team played very well in the first half, we have to adjust, whether winning or losing, I liked the team, it was good, in part of the game because we created situations. In one detail, they arrived and scored the goal.”

Gago prefers not to look at the result, but rather focus on his analysis to know what needs to be improved for the next date, because Completion 2024 just started.

“Not disappointed, it’s the second game of the championship, we’re moving forward… It’s a football I love so I’m here. I like the intensity and today unfortunately we lost and I’m sad.”

They asked him about Chicharito

A reporter asked Gago about his arrival javier hernandez To Chivas, but the tactician’s response was simply that he cannot give any opinion about a player who is not with the team.

About Cowell’s debut

cade cowell He debuted at 62′ and had opportunities to score goals that he missed, but Gago limited himself to saying that this reinforcement was “to play, he came well and that’s the important thing. “

Furthermore, he also clarified that Target They depend not only on FrontRather, it is a team effort in which anyone can dare to take a shot at the goal.

“It is not just the center forward that defines our long-range shots, it is constant work and we have to work on those situations, we will work to continue improving and each player can dictate the circumstances of the game , whoever they are is a forward.”

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