Fighting routine stress: the key tool to make complicated days more bearable

The development of this technology could be very important in reducing stress, anxiety and other problems.

breathe.  Photo: Unsplash
breathe. Photo: Unsplash

nasal breathing It can be trained to achieve benefits in various areas of human health. In what sense, The sense of smell and what you smell can be very important to reduce a moment of stress or tension.Because, if you smell a pleasant or familiar smell, it can help you find peace.

an act of University of Chicago Surveys conducted by neurologists, neurosurgeons and psychologists have revealed that Nasal breathing may be key to emotions, memory and learning, In research, emotional response was linked to stimuli that elicited fear or surprising scenarios.

breathe.  Photo: Unsplash breathe. Photo: Unsplash

This is what the professionals came to People who breathed through their nose had a stronger emotional response Compared to those who did it by mouth. This indicates that Breadth of understanding odors may be important for detecting threats and employing defense mechanisms The integrity of the person, whether physical or emotional.

in this context, Loss of sense of smell may increase anxiety, sadness, or other emotions. Which affect mental health, which is why breathing through your nose often is valuable advice.

An important point in this way of breathing is the energy stored in our body, Cells produce a molecule called ATP, which is responsible for storing and releasing energy depending on the body’s needs. Oxygen is important in this process because it needs to be distributed throughout the cells.

Four breathing exercises to calm anxiety and reduce stress.  Pexels Breathing through the nose. Pexels

Through the nasal passages, the mucous membrane of the nose traps the impurities present in the air entering the body and organizes it so that it reaches the lungs in better condition. Will cause the blood to better absorb and process oxygen,

Headache, Fatigue, Health.  Photo: Unsplash

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What can be the benefits of nasal breathing?

  • It helps develop the sense of smell and perception of the environment around us.
  • It stimulates memory and learning as it helps deal with stress.
  • It helps in the production, storage and disposal of energy in cells.
  • Emotional response to external scenarios is heightened.

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