Financial stress: what it involves and what effects it has on physical and mental health

Recent research has highlighted the importance of addressing its impact on people’s overall health and the need for interventions to reduce this problem.

Lack of money.  Photo: Unsplash.
Health problems caused by financial stress. Photo: Unsplash.

In the midst of an economy marked by high inflation, financial stress Became a matter of increasing concern for many people. This condition, which arises as a result of adverse economic conditionsNot only affects personal financial stability, but also has harmful effects Physical and mental health of people.

Chronic financial stress, characterized by WorryThe Worry And this feeling of lackNot only affects the financial health of individuals, but can also have serious consequences on overall well-being and mood throughout the day.

debts, debtors, accounts, expenses, payments Health problems caused by financial stress. Photo: Archive.

In this sense, some studies have shown that this type of stress can negatively affect cognitive abilityThe Memory And this LearnIn addition to increasing the chances of sleep disorders and other behavioral disorders.

In particular, recent research United Kingdom Turns out money stress is linked long term change On key health indicators including the immune system, nervous system and hormonal system.

To understand its complexity it is necessary to recognize how financial stress Its impact falls on both personal and social levels. moreover worry about making ends meet and properly manage economic resources, this situation contributes to a stressful and stressful social environment, which may manifest in violent and criminal behavior.

Lack of money.  Photo: Unsplash.Health problems caused by financial stress. Photo: Unsplash.

Sleeping without underwear keeps women's health good.  Photo: Unsplash.

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How to have good financial health?

It is important to make efforts to relieve financial stress and protect physical and mental health. social support And Develop financial management skills, Having a safety net, establishing a budget, and seeking professional help are important steps in reducing the impact of money-related stress on your overall health and well-being.

He Financial Health Institute Describe the following things to deal with financial stress or money related problems.

  • Tell a trusted person about excess expenses.
  • distribute Debit Card To someone you trust or store them in a place that is difficult to access.
  • Eliminate applications that you typically spend more on or that encourage spending.
  • If useful, avoid using Credit Card,
  • Identify money-related problems and create a weekly or monthly budget.
  • Take expense control In a notebook or cell phone application.
  • Revise the budget to prioritize goals which will help reduce financial stress.
  • Keep personal expenses under control and always pay off the full card amount before the expiry date.
  • Learn financial education To take appropriate daily decisions.

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