His criticism of David Feitelson and Patrick Mahomes was quickly muted

Patrick Mahomes showed why he was Super Bowl MVP.  (Provider/Getty)

Patrick Mahomes showed why he was Super Bowl MVP. (Provider/Getty)

Patrick Mahomes did it again. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback led his team to an impressive and dramatic last-minute victory in what may be the definition of the longest Super Bowl of all time. This is the third Vince Lombardi Trophy in just four years that they have taken home. The Mahomes-led dynasty is already entering a historic discussion that we need to be prepared for. What’s undeniable is that his impact on his team is already more than incidental. There’s no way to deny his influence at crucial moments.

That doesn’t even save those who doubted, like David Feitelson, who threw a provocative question at the Ax during overtime: “The best Mahomes hasn’t come… will he now?”. the communicator asked casually. The answer came quickly when a miraculous ball slipped out of Mahomes’ hand and into Mecole Hardman. Kansas City’s victory was thus sealed and the glory staged for Patrick, who at age 28 still has an entire career ahead of him in the thousands of debates that have come his way.

Feitelson actually adjusted his opinion according to the result, surrendering to the obvious: “Mahomes: When you have a player of that talent and personality, you can win any type of game. Impressive! The play that exemplifies Patrick Mahomes: On fourth-and-1, when he got the ball, he cheated and ran to his right to keep Kansas City’s attack going. “One day, he will be considered one of the greatest quarterbacks in history.”

Of course, in order not to give up, Feitelson said that there is no need to make immediate judgments about what happened and that he needs to take time to evaluate the true dimension of what he saw tonight in Las Vegas : If so Patrick Mahomes is already on the historical list of best quarterbacks, this is the best Super Bowl of all. In any case, Fetelson found that it is not a good idea to speak prematurely.

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