Jenna Ortega (Wednesday) had to film intimate scenes with an actor 30 years older than her

Starring in a new movie in the United States, the star of Wednesday Jenna Ortega filmed intimate scenes with an actor much older than her. There is a difference of more than 30 years between them!

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Became a bona fide star since her role as Wednesday In the series of the same name which is soon returning for Season 2, Jenna Ortega has been requested by the producers. Starting January 28 in the United States, the young actress is starring in the film miller’s girl Where she stars alongside Martin Freeman. So far, nothing scary… But in this film, it turns out that both the actors share several sex scenes. Yes, fictional, but despite everything, viewers were shocked by these images. The reason? There is an age difference between Jenna Ortega who is 21 years old and Martin Freeman who is 52 years old. That’s a difference of 31 years!

filming of miller’s girl Heavily monitored by an intimacy coordinator

Cristina Arjona, the intimacy coordinator, was there with the actors during these scenes and quickly responded to the criticism. ,Part of my job is to support their decisions. I adapt myself to the comfort level of my actors, especially in productions where there is a big age difference.”he pointed daily Mail, He also clarified that both the actors had talked about the nudity scenes before filming them. And for the intimacy coordinator, it was very important to listen to each other and always pay attention to Jenna Ortega’s consent.

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What does the film say? miller’s girl With Jenna Ortega?

The comedy-drama tells the story of Jonathan Miller, played by Martin Freeman, who was a failed writer who went into teaching. Among his students is Cairo Sweet, played by Jenna Ortaga, who dreams of becoming a novelist. We also see Bashir Salahuddin in the cast of this film. Top Gun: Maverick Or family switch, At present, the release date of this film has not been decided in France. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be scheduled on the streaming platform one day or the other. At that time the French public will be able to form an opinion on these scenes, about which there is so much noise in America.

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