Netanyahu assured that “only sustained military pressure” will allow the release of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza.

Netanyahu assured that “only sustained military pressure” will allow hostages held by Hamas in Gaza to be released (Europa Press/Archive)

israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu This Monday he defended his strategy of maintaining military pressure Horoscope As a way to free the hostages, the Israeli army managed to free two captives in an operation Refa,

,I salute our brave warriors for their courageous step which led to the liberation“Out of two hostages,” the Israeli prime minister said. “Only continued military pressure until complete victory will lead to the release of our hostages,” the president said in a statement.

The Israel Defense Forces launched a special operation in the south of the enclave early this Monday, in which they managed to rescue two prisoners of the terrorist group. The army said in a statement that “in a joint operation e d f (Army), there is one (Shin Bet security agency) and Israeli police at night RefaTwo Israeli hostages were rescued, Fernando Simon Marmon (60 years) and louis har (70)”.

He said that he was kidnapped by the terrorist organization Hamas on October 7. in Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak,

“They’re both in good medical conditions and was taken to the hospital Sheba Tel Hashomer For evaluation,” the statement said.

The text ends with a renewed commitment by security forces to continue all means necessary to return the hostages home.

The hostages released by the Israeli army are now with their families.

The Israeli Prime Minister last week ordered his army to prepare for the offensive Refaon the border with egyptwhere more than half the population is HoroscopeAccording to the United Nations, which created panic in the international community.

Hamas warned on Sunday that such an offensive would “torpedo” any agreement to release hostages in Gaza.

According to the health ministry in Gaza, which is controlled by the Palestinian movement, Israeli attacks from Sunday to Monday “killed about 100 people.”

But Israel confirmed that the bombing was not part of an offensive, but part of Rescue operation for two hostagesKidnapped in attacks by Hamas in southern Israel on 7 October, sparking the current war.

14 houses and three mosques were targeted in different parts of the country in the attacks that took place from Sunday to Monday. RefaAccording to the Hamas government in Gaza.

Nails 250 people Was kidnapped in Hamas attacks 7 October.

A week-long ceasefire in November freed 105 hostages in exchange for the release of 240 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons.

Argentinian President Javier Meili visited Israel last week to reject terrorist attacks by the Hamas group (Europa Press/Archive)

Before the release of the two hostages, Israel estimated that 132 people were still detained in Gaza and 29 had been killed.

Rafah became the last refuge for Palestinians, with 1.4 million people stranded at the closed border egyptAccording to the United Nations, most of the people have been displaced by the four-month war between Israel and the Hamas terrorist movement.

us President, Joe BidenUrged Netanyahu on Sunday to “guarantee the security” of the Palestinian population.

In turn, several countries warned of a “humanitarian catastrophe” in the event of an attack on the crowded city.

,victory is within reach“Netanyahu told the American network abcAfter calling Rafah the “last bastion” of “Hamas terrorist battalions”.

He said Israel would “give safe passage to the civilian population so they can evacuate,” without specifying where civilians could seek refuge.

(with information from EFE)

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