Reasons for psychological support to medical students

Academic difficulties, exam anxiety, frustration, stress, high demands or problems in the personal and family sphere are the main reasons why students resort to the Telematic Service for Psychological Support for Medical Students (SAPEM).

Anxiety, depression or high demands: medical students seek psychological helpAnxiety, depression or high demands: medical students seek psychological help

Student at the Medical Faculty of Oviedo. EFE/Jose Luis Cerijido

The service was launched in October 2022 and has since served more than 280 medical students, 86% of whom are women.

SAPEM provides psycho-emotional care to medical students in Spain, who voluntarily request professional help through telematic platforms, through videoconferencing or by telephone with mental health professionals and in a completely confidential manner.

The originator of this service is Foundation for Social Protection of Collegiate Medical Organizations (FPSOMC)He State Council of Medical Students (CEEM) And this Medical Mutual Foundation (FMM),

SAPEM was created precisely to address and respond to a specific problem for Medicine degree students: mental disorders and emotional discomfort related to the activities of the training period.

Mental health of medical students

As per the balance received from the beginning of this benefit:

  • 48% of the students served are between the ages of 21 and 23.
  • The sixth year of the degree is the course attended by the most students, with 39% of students joining, followed by the fifth and third years, with 30% and 29% of students respectively.
  • This means that 70% of the students serving are in the final year of their degree.
  • Medical students attended by the service’s reception unit came forward from 177 students who reported problems such as lack of motivation in relation to their careers, adaptive disorders, high demands, anxiety before exams and fear of personal reaction to a seriously ill patient. Presented academic difficulties. Before their families.
  • 52% have difficulties related to personal/family area or relationship disputes with their partner, family or friends.
  • Madrid, with 21% of those treated, is the autonomous community with the highest incidence, followed by Galicia (14%), Andalusia (12%) and Catalonia (10%).
medical studentsmedical students
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How to ask for help?

Medical students who need it can write to this enabled WhatsApp number 669 438 903 Foundation for Social Protection of Collegiate Medical Organization (FPSOMC) and, after completing an online form in a completely confidential manner, you will be contacted quickly and briefly by Galatea Foundation mental health professionals at the telephone number provided by the student.

On the FPSOMC website, a specific space has been established with SAPEM information and informative materials. In addition, through videos and creatives for social networks, entities promote the dissemination of this service.

“Self-care, the pending topic of your training. #EmpiezaPorTi” is the motto of the Telematic Service for Psychological Support for Medical Students (SAPEM) to reach more medical students and create the necessary awareness about self-care from the first academic contacts with this science.


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