The best commercials presented in Super Bowl LVIII

Messi protagonist of an advertisement with Ted Lasso and Dan Marino

After a tough game that went to overtime, the Kansas City Chiefs managed to win the long-awaited Vince Lombardi victory for the second consecutive time in Super Bowl LVIII.

Apart from being a top-level sporting event, the event occurs in a year-round window dozens of brands His announcement has been made taking advantage of the fact that millions of people are simultaneously present on their screens to meet the new NFL champion.

For this 2024 more than 100 million people They saw Patrick Mahomes and Co. become champions again, but they also saw a display of creativity from brands that paid off. 7 million dollars For only 30 second exposures.

One of the announcements that got most people talking about this edition is Michelob Ultra. The brand presented a ’90-second advertisement where it brought together two emblematic figures of sports and entertainment: Lionel Messi, Prominent Argentine football player, fictional character ted lasso Already an NFL legend, dan marinoIn a beach soccer game that highlighted the vibrant spirit of Miami.

michelobbi ultra Investment $14 million to ensure Messi’s presence In this campaign.

fans of Friend During this time he got an exciting surprise super bowl 2024 while watching Rachel and RossOne of the series’ iconic couples, Get Again after two decades. In an announcement that highlighted the nostalgia and nostalgia of the iconic 90s series, Jennifer Aniston And david schwimmer appeared Conversation In a humorous context, in which, ironically, she has completely forgotten her former partner.

As the ad progresses, the strange script leads to scenes like this with other celebrities David and Victoria Beckham, which plays with the idea of ​​forgetting trivial details of their lives, in reference to the Spice Girls, such as which ‘Spice’ group Victoria was in. Then, they go back to Aniston, who Top With David Schwimmer.

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer reunited in a hilarious Super Bowl ad.

mayonnaise brand Hellman’s He also made an appearance in a commercial in which actress Kate McKinnon’s cat becomes famous for being able to move and say the word “mayonnaise”.

Hellman’s Superbowl Ad

GoogleOne of the most important brands globally, could not be left behind and hired the famous musician for its advertisement Stevie Wonder As the presenter of new artificial intelligence that will allow blind or visually impaired people to capture exquisite moments in photographs.

Google’s Superbowl Ad

beer Budweiser It was decided to pay tribute to almost 150 years of his life with an advertisement in which a storm causes a power outage in a small town, leading to road closures. In view of this, the people in charge of dispensing beer opt to improvise a cart, and when they reach a distant town, a dog acts as a guide to get them to the people from the bar on time.

Budweiser’s Superbowl ad

air intake He was responsible for remembering the “benefits” of turning and opening his cookies to enjoy their flavor more. For this they hired no one else but kris jennerWhich has so much influence that, apparently, it is thanks to him that the gods know about this trick on Oreo cookies.

Oreo commercial for the Superbowl

WWE legend stone Cold Steve AustinThis is part of the advertisement kawasaki Which causes everyone who comes in contact with his new car or even sees it to grow a mullet, a hairstyle that was made fun of for many years but is now one of those things that “So “bad” that it’s good.”

Kawasaki’s Superbowl ad.

to the beat of “Round and Round” by Perry Como, Lindor presents his chocolate Lindt Which bounces through moments of pure joy under one simple phrase: “Life is a ball.”

Lindt’s Superbowl ad

actor and comedian eric andrew Starred in an advertisement for an ice cream brand Drum stick In which it is shown that he is very ill in the plane. When the hostess asks for a doctor, Dr. Umstick appears, who is responsible for giving everyone ice cream, leaving Andre dying.

Drumstick’s Superbowl Ad

The PepsiCo family’s new lemon soda, Starry, featured none other than Ice Spice with the brand’s mascot. While the singer is enjoying the drink, her “old lemon soda” comes to ask her to come back, to which Spice replies, no because. “Something more recent has been found.”

Starry’s Superbowl Ad

Etsy showed off its new “Gift Mode” with an ad asking how the United States would have reacted to France’s gift of the Statue of Liberty, and if they had Etsy, everything would be easier.

Etsy’s Superbowl Ad

BetMGM betting house shows off vince vaughn on camera assuring that this app is for everyone except tom brady, who has won a lot of games. This offends the former player in the same ad who won the Super Bowl seven times.

BetMGM ad for the Superbowl.

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