FINCIMEX activates the international recharge of the Classic Card for remittances to Cuba

Financiera de Cimex, S.A. (Finacimex) announces that the international recharge of the Classic Card is now active remittances to cuba From anywhere in the world.

In a brief post on its social networks, FINCIMEX indicated that these cards can be obtained at the Cuban government exchange offices, known as CADECA.


“International recharge of the Classic Card is now available, and we are the first to offer it to you. Through you can do it from anywhere in the world,” FINCIMEX and its partners said. Ensures that he has the appropriate authority to manage Remittance Shipment to Cuba From any country.

“The aim is to guarantee the security and stability of the service, to offer customers the best option to help their family and friends on the island without subjecting them to high commissions and bank fees,” they explain on their website.

Last week CIMEX Financial Company also reinstated it remittances to cuba Through AIS USD Card.

news Remittance route to Cuba They arrive after several weeks with the delivery of the money shipment halted due to an alleged “technical failure,” which FINCIMEX did not say what this involved.

Some users on social networks claim that they have not yet received their remittances for other magnetic cards with Cuban entities such as Banco Popular de Ahorro. FINCIMEX assured on its network that this money will not be wasted and will be delivered to the people as soon as possible.

“The reason for the interruption is force majeure. It does not seem right for us to estimate a stable service and 100% security over time due to a specific unwanted event,” the Cuban state unit said.

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