Over 240 MPs from the region support ICC investigation into crimes against humanity in Venezuela

Strong repression at a protest in Venezuela in 2017 (Reuters/Carlos García Rollins/File)

243 MPs Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay issued a joint statement. research support carried out by the prosecutor’s office International Criminal Court (CPI) by crimes against humanity Committed by the Nicolas Maduro regime in Venezuela.

“we the undersigned, Latin American ParliamentariansNoting that systematic repression and persecution against Venezuelans continues in an alarming manner, manifesting in more arbitrary arrests and other crimes established in Article 7 of the Rome Statute, as well as persecution against members and directors of political parties, trade unionists; Used to be. Lawyers, journalists, human rights defenders and activists or those who demonstrate or protest peacefully against the government of Nicolás Maduro, We fully support the investigation currently being conducted by the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court under the Rome Statute, in respect of alleged crimes against humanity The Venezuelan government is committed to demanding accountability from its authors,” says the document released this Wednesday.

The ICC Prosecutor’s Office has been investigating alleged crimes committed by Venezuelan officials since at least 12 February 2014Involved serious violation of human rights Such as arbitrary arrests, political persecution, sexual violence and torture, he recalled in an article Venezuelans in Argentina,

And he concluded: “Although the Maduro regime has tried to obstruct this investigation, on March 1 the ICC’s Appeals Chamber Ruling against the appeal presented by the State of Venezuela and ordered the prosecutor Kareem Khan “To continue the investigation.”

Statement from Latin American MPs
Statement from Latin American MPs
Statement from Latin American MPs

In second order, European Union expressed his “deep concern” By “irregular process” which is preventing the Venezuelan opposition from participating in the elections scheduled for July 28 and due to the arrests taking place in the country.

,The EU is deeply concerned and regrets the irregular and opaque process Which has prevented some parties from registering their presidential candidates. “All political and civil rights must be respected, including the right to participate in genuine elections,” he told the news agency. efe Foreign Affairs Spokesperson of the Community Executive, Peter Stan,

He said that the EU “Supports the efforts and democratic commitment of Venezuela’s democratic forces and civil society” and urged the country’s authorities Protect the civil and political rights of the Venezuelan people So that they can participate and vote in a competitive, inclusive and transparent electoral process.

The majority opposition platform has attempted to register as its presidential candidate Corina YorisWho’s gaining weight after controversial disqualification Maria Corina MachadoWinner of the primary held last year.

However, The opposition has condemned that election authorities have also blocked Yoris’s registration.An 80-year-old academician, who had never worked in politics till now and who has no conflict with Justice.

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