For now: This is how the NFL Divisional Round will be played

The NFL postseason is heating up and the first surprises for the Divisional Round begin to occur in these hit or miss games.

When will the 2023-2024 playoffs and 2024 Super Bowl be played?

divisional round It is held on January 20 and 21, 2024

conference championship They were played on January 28, 2024

He Super Bowl It is played on 11 February 2024

How is the NFL postseason played?

The teams with the best records in each conference advanced directly to the Divisional Round, being the Baltimore Ravens in the American League and the San Francisco 49ers in the National League.

Right now: NFL teams staying alive in the postseason in 2024

American conference national conference
(1)Baltimore Ravens
first seed in the American League
afc north champion
(1) San Francisco 49ers
first priority in national
nfc west champion
(2) Buffalo Bill
afc east champion
(3) Detroit Lions
nfc north champion
(3) Kansas City Chiefs
afc west champion
(4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
nfc south champion
(4) Houston Texans
afc south champion
(5) Philadelphia Eagles
NFC East
(7) Pittsburgh Steelers
afc north
(7) Green Bay Packers
nfc north

Current 2024 NFL Wild Card Round results

(1) The Ravens advanced to the divisional round by clinching the first seed in the AL. (1) 49 players directly reached the divisional round by getting first seed in the national
(7) Steelers – Bills (2) (7) packers 48-32 Cowboy
dolphin 7-26 Chief (3) crowbar 23-24 lion (3)
Browns 14-45 Texan (4) (5) Eagles – Buccaneers (4)

National Conference Key for Divisional Round

Right now: The only game set for the divisional round is the Packers. , 49ers (The 49ers were given the first seed against the Packers due to finishing last in the NFC)

NFC Divisional Round
(7) Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers (1)
winner of
(5) Eagles Vs. Buccaneers (4) | vs. Detroit Lions (3)

American Conference keys to divisional round

If the Steelers win (7), the divisional round will look like this If the Bills win (2), the divisional round will look like this
(7) Steelers Vs. Ravens (1) (4) Texans vs. Ravens (1)
(4) Texans vs. Chief (3) (3) Chief Vs. bill (2)

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