For this reason America will be locked on home ground against the New England Revolution

Concacaf Champions Cup Gradually it is revealing the finalist teams who will have a chance to reach the ticket club world cup, In this championship, America He is undoubtedly one of the rivals to beat.

In tournament matchups, and after eliminating the arch rival, Chivas Raidas del GuadalajaraThe Eagles will have to measure their faces against New England Revolution. However, contrary to what was thought, they would eventually end up losing that match at home.

Why will the US finish against New England at the Azteca?

The first leg was scheduled for 2 April Aztec Stadium will be changed to Gillette StadiumWhile the Vuelta will be played capital Of Mexico, This is according to the news that has come out in the last few hours.

The reason for this change, apparently, is the team of MLS their stadium will be taken over Due to Spring Expo event on April 9, With this America will get its match Lap In this Colossus of St. Ursula,

Although It’s not done yet Officeofficial Changes are expected to be announced in the next few hours events There will be no change in this and it will become impossible to play matches between the two teams.

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