Ford to inspect 1.89 million cars in US amid fears a part will be released

ford will call revision In usa one lakh 889 thousand 110 vehicles of Explorer Model After finding that a molding on the exterior of the vehicle may be peeling off, posing a safety hazard to other cars.

The documents were uploaded to the website this Wednesday National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ,NHTSAfor its short form in English) explains that although the defect was discovered in 2018, it was not until January this year that Ford decided to take action to resolve the problem.

The problem centers on some plastic clips that hold a molding on the outside of the Ford Explorer.

According to NHTSA, if all clips are not properly engaged, the molding may separate, which, according to the US federal agency, “poses a hazard to other vehicles.”

In January this year, Ford indicated that it had information from 14,377 reports from insurance companies related to this problem, although it was not aware of any accidents or injuries caused by the molding separation.

This recall affects Explorer SUVs from manufacturing years 2011 to 2019.

Ford dealers will inspect vehicles potentially affected by the defect to check the trim and replace the part free of charge.

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