Former Haitian Presidents Michel Martelly and J. Order was given to arrest Privert.


Michel Martelly and Joselerme Prévert

PORT-AU-PRINCE.- A judge ordered the arrest of former presidents Josemarle Prévert and Joseph Michel Martelly for alleged corruption, collusion and drug trafficking influence in relation to the file of the Center for National Instruments (CNE), from which At least 78 pieces of equipment were diverted in large quantities.

The order issued by Judge Al Duniel Dimanche also names former Prime Ministers Max Bellerive, Laurent Lamothe, Gary Connell, Evans Paul, Florence Duperval Guillaume, Anne Jean Charles, Jean Henri Saint, Jean-Michel Lapin and Michel Duvivier Pierre Louis.

Furthermore, according to a publication by La Radio Télé Metronome on the X account of former MP Vilotte Joseph.

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Dimanche issued the order after the January 5 deadline for these people to approach justice passed.

Within the framework of the case, several officials have been interviewed, including former Ministers of Public Works, Nader Zoisius and Wilson Edouard, and former senator Francisco de la Cruz.

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Also scheduled this Monday are former Haitian prime ministers Claude Joseph and Jacques Edouard Alexis, as well as former deputy Cholazar Chauncy.

Privert was the interim President of Haiti from February 14, 2016 to February 7, 2017, and Martelly from May 14, 2011 to February 7, 2016.


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