Former Interior Minister Napoleon Barrientos questioned his arrest and said he complied with Sisi’s order

The former Minister of the Interior, David Napoleon Barrientos, raised questions this Tuesday, January 16, requesting that the Public Ministry (MP) arrest him under charges of non-performance of duties and insubordination in the context of his actions during the protests and blockade Was. last October. Since it considers that the order given by the Constitutional Court (CC) was complied with.

According to Barrientos, who had his first deposition hearing this Tuesday, after leaving the office as head of the Interior Portfolio, he was called to testify in the MP, where he accompanied his lawyer to assist in the process Were; However, The prosecutor’s office processed his arrest warrant, which they said was unnecessary.

Barrientos assured that there is no crime with which he is accused, because in his opinion, The provisions of the CC resolution were complied with.

“I’m going to testify because we’ve reviewed the case and there really is no case. As the Ministry of the Interior we comply with all guidelines of the Constitutional Court And an arrest warrant would not be required, because I was assisting the Public Ministry in giving my statement,” Barrientos said.

Furthermore, he added that “We watch with surprise how the public ministry suddenly changes.” Turn of the matter.

“We have carefully reviewed all actions and there is no breach of duties and no insubordination. The Ministry of the Interior is in charge of formulating security, peace and public order policies and has been. The guidelines given by the Constitutional Court have been transferred At the relevant addresses, mainly on the instructions of the National Civil Police,” the former official said.

He further added that “Sisi’s decision involves many actors, not just the Interior Ministry; strange, then, “Only the Interior Ministry is experiencing this situation.”


The PNC captured Barrientos on January 11 for disobeying a court order. Dozens of road blockades demanded the resignation of Attorney General Consuelo Porras.

“The arrest of Mr. David Napoleon Barrientos Giron was coordinated For the possible commission of crimes of breach of duty and insubordination, the Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement that day.

The former head of the security portfolio was arrested at his residence in the capital Taken to the court building in a police patrol.

Barrientos resigned from office on October 16 after the prosecutor’s office requested the Constitutional Court (CC), the country’s highest judicial entity. His dismissal for refusing to forcibly remove the protesters.

The note specified that Barrientos “abandoned the acts inherent in his work relating to complying with and enforcing the legal system related to the maintenance of peace and public order (…)”, By not following the orders given in the resolution. CC’s.

Early last October, thousands of people blocked several roads in various regions of Guatemala, including the capital, demanding the removal of a prosecutor accused of allegedly perverting the law. Stop the inauguration of President Bernardo Arévalo.

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