Greta Gerwig wants to make 2 more movies based in Sacramento, possibly a Lady Bird sequel

greta gerwig is a native of Sacramento and used the California city as the setting in her 2017 hit lady bird, According to Gerwig, not only would she like to return to the city for future films, but she would also like to revisit it in the world of Lady Bird.

Speaking during a recent Q&A session, Gerwig was asked if she would like to return to the world of Lady Bird, and make a series of films based on the character’s life. The director said that she had not thought of anything like this, but she would love to do it because of her love for actress Saoirse Ronan.

Gerwig said, “I haven’t thought about it that way, although a part of me would love to, because I love Saoirse as an actor and I love the character.” “And both characters are very intimate to me, and…I wasn’t like that, but it’s almost the same person I wanted to be, but I was nowhere near that confident in myself.”

Gerwig plans to make more films featuring Sacramento

Gerwig said she’s open to seeing the film again, but she definitely plans to screen more films in downtown Sacramento, and is already working on some ideas.

“I will watch it again. I know I definitely want to make more movies in Sacramento, it’s something I know I want to do. I have vague ideas about the other two. So this is going to happen. So stay tuned for the Sacramento Trilogy,” Gerwig joked.

Gerwig is currently enjoying the huge success of her last film, Barbie. The film was not only a global box office hit (grossing over $1.4 billion), but it also received numerous award nominations. Recently, the film won two Golden Globe Awards including Best Original Song.

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